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Which access control system is right for your business?

What is an access control system?

A reliable access control system is essential for the security of any business. Workplace access control can be anything from intercoms on gates to more advanced systems such as fingerprint recognition. They allow you to control who accesses certain parts of your business, and keep track of how staff are moving around the workplace. Depending on your security needs, these access control types can be used together or on their own. Read all about the different types of access control system to determine which is best for your business.

What are the different types of access control system?

1) Number plate recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras help to keep unauthorised vehicles out of your property. The camera automatically scans and detects number plates, so you can keep track of any vehicle that comes into view of the cameras. This provides the extra benefit of being able to monitor suspicious activity in your car parks.

ANPR cameras are small and remove the need for extra card reader technology. So, if your business has a smaller property, these are ideal. They’re also compatible with other security measures such as industrial gates and security bollards. This means you can create a seamless automatic security system for people entering and exiting your business.

2) Fingerprint recognition

ievo2 reader for fingerprint recognition access control system

If your business has strict security requirements, then fingerprint recognition is a good solution for limiting access to restricted areas. Fingerprint recognition systems use intelligent biometric technology to create a multispectral image of your staff’s fingerprints. These are then stored in a secure database and allow staff easy access to the areas they need to be.

Users can rest assured that their data is not being stored elsewhere, as the images of their fingerprints aren’t saved. Instead, a unique template is created for each user, which can’t be used to replicate the original image.

Fingerprint recognition systems also come with easy installation. You don’t need to replace existing security measures which might include card or fob access. Instead, our team can install the system to work with your existing security procedures. This is a process that will cause minimal disruption to your workday, but will massively increase your business’ security.

3) Gate intercoms

Having security staff posted at your property’s entrances can be expensive to run. Gate intercoms are the perfect, cost-effective solution for this. With the addition of smart technology, gate intercoms can be answered from your mobile phone. This means you can be anywhere and still control access to your property. You won’t need to be on site to control who accesses the premises.

The GSM gate intercom can store up to 50 different call buttons which can link to different phone numbers. This makes it especially useful for buildings with multiple businesses which share the same entrance. You can easily let in staff and visitors without compromising on the security of the building.

4) Networked access control system

A networked access control system lets you control many different aspects of your property’s security from a PC based system. The Paxton Net 2 also has an app which connects to your access control system, giving you a convenient way to control security. This is great for any situations where your security may need reactive solutions.

The Paxton Net 2 control system can be linked to your fire doors, meaning that you can program them to automatically open in an emergency. This means no time wasted when evacuating staff and customers from the premises. It can also be connected to CCTV systems, intruder alarms or other security measures – so you can create custom programs for any situation. Once set up, the access control system will automatically take care of any measures that you program it to.

This is an enhanced form of access control system, so it’s perfect for businesses with lots of sensitive data. You may also localise different protocols to certain areas of your building, so you can activate security measures in some areas without affecting others.

5) Cloud-based access control system

The newest development in smart security, a VOLO Access Control System uses Cloud Hosting to streamline how your business manages its security. It doesn’t require lots of connections between servers because everything is hosted in the cloud. This results in a reduced hardware cost since you don’t need a dedicated PC station on site.

Automated tools create detailed reports on time, attendance, and usage of the system. Plus, the cloud-based system means you can expand your access control to thousands of different sites. This also means remote system management, so you can edit access rights and user details from anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based access control systems are ideal for larger businesses who may have lots of sites and users. It offers a better return on investment than other systems, and it’s very flexible. The system’s licenced-based hosting also means that all fees are transparent, and the lack of hardware will save you on maintenance costs.

No matter the size of your business, an access control system can benefit your site’s security. Contact us with your security requirements so we can help to give you control over your business property.