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What are the different types of road blockers?

In our modern world, protecting against security breaches and terrorist attacks is a major priority for all kinds of organisations, including both governmental bodies and private businesses. 

In particular, defending against vehicular attacks and intrusions is extremely important. To achieve this, you’ll need robust security features that keep unauthorised vehicles out without impeding the flow of traffic for authorised vehicles.

Road blockers, also known as traffic barriers or road barriers, are the perfect solution for this scenario. Keep reading to learn more about road blockers, traffic barriers and the main traffic barrier types you can find.

What is a road blocker?

A road blocker is a heavy-duty barrier that prevents vehicles from accessing high-security areas or areas on a high terrorism alert. All road blockers must be crash-tested and certified by an independent body to ensure that they meet industry standards.

There are many types of road blockers to suit different locations, security levels and applications. Typically, the ground must be excavated to a certain level for the road barrier to be installed, but you can also find some surface-mounted barriers for easier or temporary installation. 

You can also customise the raising and lowering of your road blocker by opting for manual or automatic hydraulic raising. Automatic raising can make it easier to manage a system of road blockers at a large site, but manual raising may be preferable for more constant security and infrequent entry. Road blockers also come in a variety of lift heights, which means you can tailor your road blocker to the level of security you need for your site.

Where are these road barriers used?

Road blockers can be used in a wide range of locations to ensure the safety of the public, create secure workplaces and prevent security breaches. 

Here are just a few examples:

  • Embassies
  • Banks
  • Commercial properties
  • Car parks
  • Military bases
  • Police stations
  • Palaces
  • Various government locations
  • Airports

These traffic barriers can be used wherever the flow of traffic needs to be controlled. Thanks to their raising and lowering system, road blockers can allow authorised personnel into secure locations while preventing the entry of civilians or potential terrorists.

Different traffic barrier types

At Expert Security, we offer multiple road blocker solutions to suit different locations, security levels and purposes. All of our road security products are crash-tested and certified by an independent body to ensure maximum reliability for your peace of mind. 

Our products are tested in the UK and the US to PAS-68:2010 and DoD K12 standards with a 4m blocker, which means that they can withstand forces equivalent to a 7.5-tonne truck (roughly 15,000lbs) driving at 80km/h. This gives you the highest level of security and protection against potential attacks or breaches.

Let’s take a look at our top road barrier products:

Titan Road Blocker

The Titan range of road blockers delivers some of the best results for high-security applications. If you need to defend against potential terrorist attacks, the Titan Road Blocker may be the right choice for you.

At Expert Security, we offer the deep-mounted Titan model, which promises extra strength and robustness. The width of this type of road barrier ranges from one to six metres, with a maximum height ranging from 650mm to 1200mm. 

Its high-quality, anti-corrosion steel material ensures that it can withstand the most extreme forces, while its 4-6 second raising time means that it can quickly respond to threats while easily maintaining the flow of traffic for authorised vehicles. 

Automatic Rising Kerb Barriers

Next, we have our state-of-the-art Automatic Rising Kerb Barriers. These subtle road blockers can boost the security of your site without breaking the bank or requiring major renovations.

Our Automatic Rising Kerb Barriers are commonly used in sites with a lot of traffic, as they need to provide security without causing congestion when authorised vehicles try to enter. In addition, thanks to their variable lift heights, these road blockers can be customised to your desired level of security. 

This product is made of galvanised steel and features hydraulic operation, heights of 340mm, 500mm or 800m, a length of 2-5 metres and an operation time of 4-6 seconds, ensuring quick and smooth raising and lowering. 

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems

For high-security locations such as government buildings, you can’t go wrong with our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems. These road blockers are strong, rigorously tested and manually raising, which means that they can provide round-the-clock security for your site and only be lowered when you want to allow someone in.

Like the other road barriers offered by Expert Security, our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems can be raised or lowered within 4-6 seconds, providing a rapid response to any security threats. Additionally, you can opt for the larger deep-mounted model or the more streamlined surface-mounted model, allowing you to customise your road blocker to fit any space.

K4 Bollards

If you’re looking for smaller traffic barrier types, then our K4 Bollards could be perfect for you. These bollards function independently, which means they can be positioned and lowered to fit any space and adapt to any event.

Despite their small size, our K4 Bollards are extremely strong and resilient, with the ability to withstand up to 7.5 tonnes travelling at 50km/h and temperatures between -40℃ and 60℃. Thanks to their raising speed of 7 seconds and lowering speed of just 4 seconds, you can benefit from both strength and speed with these cost-effective bollards.

Even in the event of a blackout or power failure, our K4 Bollards will remain engaged. This gives you the reliability you need when dealing with high-security locations.

At Expert Security, we can customise our independently certified road blockers to protect any site from attacks and security breaches, and we’ll also provide expert installation to set everything up for you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your security needs and see how we can help you.