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What are the benefits of automatic bollards?

Automatic bollards make the perfect security solution for homes, businesses and public spaces. Whether you want to control pedestrian flow, keep a school site secure or protect your retail business, automatic rising bollards can really help.

There are many different types of bollards, each with different uses and characteristics. This article highlights the unique advantages of automatic bollards for driveways, commercial spaces and other property types. So, what are the benefits of automatic bollards? Read on to find out more.

What are automatic bollards?

Before we can dive into the many benefits of automatic rising bollards, it’s good to know what they are and how they’re used.

Automatic bollards are retractable posts used to regulate access in various areas. They’re cleverly designed to rise or lower automatically, triggered by specific cues like vehicle detection systems, access control devices, or remote control. The main reason people need automatic bollards is to manage traffic flow, enhance security, and prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering certain zones of a property. They can be used in commercial and residential settings.

Benefits of automatic bollards

1. Enhanced security

The primary focus of a bollard is to provide security to a property by preventing unwanted vehicles from accessing the site. With their strong and robust construction, automatic bollards enhance your security measures by acting as powerful physical barriers. They can also prove to be amazing deterrents against people wishing to trespass onto your property. Automatic bollards make the best security for driveways and other entrances as not only do they act as visual deterrents, but they also stop vehicles right in their tracks.

2. Convenient access control

One of the best things about automatic rising bollards is their convenience. You can easily access your property by lowering the bollards when necessary and then returning them back to their original state for strong security. This is ideal for high-traffic areas such as retail parks, housing estates, hospitals and more. Automatic bollards provide simple access control by helping the right people get where they need to, whilst still keeping out trespassers.

3. Prevent unauthorised parking

If you often have unauthorised vehicles parking on your property, then automatic bollards for driveways are the best way to prevent this. They’re incredibly unobtrusive when retracted, but can be raised to stop passersby and neighbours from parking on your property. This makes automatic bollards a great solution for both residential driveways and commercial car parks since they are guaranteed to prevent unauthorised parking beyond the bollards’ position. If you are not quite convinced, learn all about the importance of car park security and how it can save you money, keep pedestrians safe and reduce crime.

4. Space-saving design

If you don’t have the space for a driveway gate or industrial gate, automatic bollards make the perfect space-saving security solution. Unlike other permanent barriers, automatic bollards are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive. They take up far less space than a large gate or fence would, making them ideal for smaller entrances and driveways. When not in use, automatic bollards retract into the ground, creating a cleaner and more visually appealing environment. 

Read more about the difference between bollards and gates in our article, “What’s the best driveway security: bollards or gates?” Here you can make an informed decision about whether automatic bollards or a gate will best suit your property and its security needs.

5. Durable and low maintenance

Automatic bollards are engineered to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh environments. Their impressive durability means they’re also very low maintenance, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

However, it’s important to note that low maintenance does not equal no maintenance. It’s essential to schedule regular security solution maintenance, no matter the systems you have in place. For bollards specifically, read our complete guide to bollard maintenance.

6. Pedestrian safety

In areas with high foot traffic, ensuring the safety of pedestrians is always a top priority. Automatic bollards help separate vehicular pathways from pedestrian zones, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing the overall safety of public spaces. This makes them valuable additions to shopping districts, parks, schools, and other areas where pedestrian safety is paramount.

7. Quick installation

Quick installation is one of the standout features of automatic bollards, making them a preferred choice for time-sensitive projects and urgent security needs. Unlike traditional barriers that may require extensive groundwork and construction, automatic bollards can be installed swiftly and efficiently. Thanks to their compact and modular design, they can be easily integrated into existing access control systems, reducing installation time significantly. This means your automatic bollards will be swiftly installed with minimal disruption to your daily life or your business.

Ready to install some automatic bollards in your driveway, business or public space? Get in touch with Expert Security today, and we’ll ensure the process is simple, cost-effective and completed to the highest quality.