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The best ways to deter burglars from your workplace

For businesses of all sizes and industries, burglaries are a risk that can hugely affect finances as well as the safety of people on site. Luckily, there are many burglar deterrents on the market that can be used to keep your business running safely. Read this article for the five best ways to deter burglars from your workplace.

What are the best industrial burglar deterrents for your workplace?

Workplace theft is a serious problem that should be regarded with utmost importance, with business owners encouraged to do everything in their power to minimise the risks. From data theft to structural damage, a break in can lead to long-lasting impact, often interrupting regular business operations. Every environment is different, so this blog post will run through five of the best burglar deterrents to protect your business.

What scares burglars away?

Most burglars will want to avoid being caught, so the best burglar deterrents are things that make a lot of noise and draw attention to the scene. Devices such as motion sensors, alarms, and lights all make it more difficult for a burglar to slink by unnoticed, which will deter them from committing a crime on your property. Cameras and eye witnesses will work to your advantage too, since this increases the chances of a burglar being identified and prosecuted for their crimes. If you’re looking for the best ways to deter burglars from your business, opt for solutions that will draw plenty of attention to the scene, and that make your property look difficult to break into. We have recommended some of the best industrial burglar deterrents below.

The five best burglar deterrents

1. CCTV cameras

Commercial CCTV systems are one of the best ways to deter a burglar as they place a criminal in full view – which makes them much more likely to be caught. By mapping out your business and finding the best places to position your CCTV cameras, and putting up signs that alert those nearby that the area is being monitored, you’ll be less likely to fall victim to break-ins and theft. The footage recorded by CCTV cameras can also be used by police as hard evidence, making it much easier and quicker to solve a case. Plus, this will help you out with insurance claims if property is stolen or damaged.

Does CCTV deter burglars?

Many people question whether CCTV is actually effective as a burglar deterrent. It certainly is, but don’t just take our word for it. A panel of burglars were interviewed about what was most likely to deter them from a property, and CCTV was the biggest culprit. In fact, CCTV actually was ranked as a bigger deterrent than a burglar alarm – which was only number 13 on their list.

2. Secure boundaries

If a building looks difficult to break into, most burglars will be put off attempting a burglary. Many burglaries occur simply because a home or business seems easy to burgle without attracting too much attention. So, to deter opportunistic burglars, you should be sure to protect the boundaries of your property with tall, strong industrial gates. Car park barriers are another essential for protecting your business, as they make it more difficult for intruders to use a vehicle to damage property or have a speedy getaway. These both work well to deter burglars at night, out of working hours. But if you’re also looking to keep your business safe during business hours, equipping your boundaries with gate intercoms will allow you to deny access to potential intruders.

3. Access control systems

Access control systems add an extra layer of security to your business, making it look much less appealing to burglars, as well as strengthening your security measures. There are many benefits of an access control system, as not only do they deter burglars, but they can also help you keep an airtight record of everyone who accesses your business. 
To cater to a range of business requirements, there are various different access control systems available, including biometric fingerprint recognition, number plate recognition, and cloud based access control. These negate the need for any physical keys or key cards, which removes the risk of them being stolen by burglars to gain access into your property. Determine which access control system is right for your business by reading our blog post, which details all the different types available and how they can benefit different businesses.

4. Security lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to deter burglars at night, as it removes the security blanket of a dark environment that’s easy to hide in. Businesses can implement these burglar deterrents through motion activated lights or lights that operate on a timer, which work to startle and keep away intruders. The main threat of lighting to burglars is that it increases the chance of them being seen, which is a huge deterrent. If your business has particularly high security requirements, good lighting can be complemented with a security kiosk to provide a durable yet comfortable environment for security staff to work from.

5. Locked entrances

Although it sounds obvious, it’s vital that staff lock all possible entrances – this is one of the biggest security mistakes your business could be making. Remember that entrances also include windows, so make sure to patrol around the premises to ensure that these are securely locked. If you notice any structural damage to the window, or to the locking/ opening mechanisms, make sure to have this repaired immediately to avoid providing an opportunity for burglars to break in. The same applies to any other security measures your business has in place – be sure to have reliable security system maintenance on call for whenever an issue arises.

If you’re intrigued to find out more about these burglar deterrents for your workplace, why not get in touch with our team today? With years of experience in security system installation, we can advise you on the best systems for your premises.