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The benefits of an access control system

Access control systems are a crucial component of any business’ security measures. It’s incredibly important to have functionality that keeps unauthorised personnel out of restricted areas, as well as keep track of who’s passing through the premises and when. These are just a couple of benefits of an access control system, which will allow you to enhance existing security measures for a safer, more secure workplace. 

Not sure which access control system is right for your business? Our blog post breaks down the different types of access control and the benefits they can have for your business. Let’s dive in.

1. Enhanced security

Typically the number one priority when it comes to security, an access control system keeps unwanted people out of certain areas. Whether it’s specific restricted areas or the property as a whole, access control systems only grant access to approved personnel. This means that people, data, and equipment on the property will be kept safe from intruders. No one without approval will be able to access your premises, giving you full control over who enters your site. This can be applied to even the smallest rooms on your premises. If your business happens to own a large outdoor car park; use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to keep unauthorised vehicles away.

2. Simple management

The benefits of modern access control mean that you no longer need to be on-site to manage your property. An access control system can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, with no need to pay a visit to the property. You essentially have a “digital security guard” to look after your premises, meaning there’s no need for security personnel on-site. This also means if you suddenly need to grant access to somebody, this can be done within seconds without having to travel. Give the Paxton Net 2 a try for simple access control management with just a few taps on the app.

3. No need to change locks

One of the most convenient benefits of an access control system is the huge upgrade from traditional keys. If someone loses their fob or access card, it can simply be deactivated without compromising the security of the business. There’s no need to change locks or have another key cut, which is an inconvenient setback of older kinds of access control. Advanced access control systems like a Biometric Fingerprint Recognition System mean there’s no need for a physical key other than a person’s fingerprint. Plus, employees don’t have to worry about forgetting a key to enter the workplace, minimising time lost in your workday from resolving the issue of a lost or forgotten key. 

4. Keep a record of everyone on site

If you want a detailed record of all pedestrian and vehicle activity on your premises, then an access control system is the perfect solution. One of the many benefits of an access control system is that it eliminates human error to provide you with the most accurate access control possible. A VOLO Access Control System uses automated tools to create detailed reports of all access to the property, including time, attendance and usage. This is a much more reliable, efficient and detailed substitute for a traditional sign in book too. In the case of a security or data breach, these details can be used to see exactly who was on site at the time of the incident, or track any suspicious usage of the access control system around that time.

5. Streamline exit and entry

For a business to run efficiently, you need to control pedestrian flow and vehicles who enter the property. An access control system can streamline exit and entry with its ease of access control. An example of this is the  GSM gate intercom, which is capable of granting access to visitors from a mobile device. There’s no need for anyone to even be in the building; you could be on the other side of the country and still let an authorised person in. This will speed up waiting times to access your property, streamlining your business functions.

6. Provide access to multiple locations

Using access control systems means that staff or visitors can be provided access to multiple work sites without the need for multiple keys. Simply program an access key or fob to work in the required locations, and authorised personnel can access any location that’s necessary for them. When using a cloud-based access control system, the same system can be expanded across many sites, creating a coherent security system. Access can also be moderated at the change of a button, so there’s no need to chase people up to return keys once they no longer need them.

After hearing about the many benefits of an access control system, are you ready to choose the best fit for your business? If so, contact Expert Security’s customer service team to discuss your options.