Automatic Rising Kerbs

Streamlined security


Controlling which vehicles have access to your premises – and when they have access – is an extremely important and practical matter of security. It allows you to maintain complete authority over your site and gives you peace of mind that only you, your staff and people you allow can enter your property.

But when there are potentially hundreds of vehicles entering and leaving your site every day, it can be difficult to ensure that none of them are given access wrongly, or prevented from entering when they need. You also need to consider keeping congestion to a minimum, which is something that traditional gates may not be able to provide.

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    Technical Details

    Specification  CE Rated
    • 340mm
    • 500mm
    • 800mm
    Length  2-5 metres
    Power Requirement  240v 10 Amp MCB  50Hz
    Weight capacity Maximum 12 tonnes on standard kerbs
    Finish Galvanised and MMA Flexgrip Paint (Top Plate)
     Operation time 4-6 seconds
    Product description
    • Hydraulic operation
    • Galvanised steel
    • Emergency lower action incorporated as standard
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    £18,000 - £25,000

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    Fortunately, Expert Security UK’s automatic rising kerb barriers are the perfect alternative

    Subtle, sleek and practical, our automatic rising kerb barriers offer a practical way to improve the security of your premises. Ideal if you don’t have the budget for a major security renovation.


    Automatic rising kerb barriers are now widely used in highly guarded sites like : banks, logistics depots and factories. They provide the security you need without restricting the flow of traffic.


    That means the right people get access to your site quickly, while unauthorised personnel are stopped quickly.


    Variable lift heights

    Not all premises have the same requirements. That’s why our automatic rising kerb barriers come in a variety of lift heights.


    340mm — Suitable for cars and vans, this lift height is ideal for the majority of corporate sites


    500mm — Best for moderate – to high-security sites, the 500mm is able to stop large vans, even at high speeds


    800mm — For ultimate security, the 800mm has incredible stopping power, capable of stopping HGVs in their tracks


    Installed by experts

    Whenever you buy with Expert Security, you get more than a security product, you get a full security solution.


    Once we have surveyed your premises, our professional installation team will come to your site to completely install your automatic rising kerb barriers in a way that minimises disruption to you or your staff. We’ll even provide a full handover with you so you know exactly how to use and maintain your kerbs going forward.

    full-circle service

    From the initial design process to aftercare and maintenance, our dedicated teams will provide expert support throughout the entire purchase process.


    We always strive to give our customers value for money – without compromising on the quality.


    Every product you find at Expert Security UK features up-to-the-minute technology with sophisticated design.

    Bespoke Service

    We’re proud to give all our clients a service that is created with their specifications in mind. We never treat two customers the same.

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