PAS 68 Gates

High security HVM solutions 


As part of our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions, the PAS 68 gate is specifically designed to protect your business from attacks. Whatever they may be, these strong and fast acting gates will prevent an unauthorised vehicle from entering.

Our PAS 68 gates are fast acting and are an ideal solution for high security areas that require protection.

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    £35,000 - £50,000

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    Protect your business from attacks 

    Not all businesses are the same, and some require that extra bit of security. That’s where our PAS 68 gates come into play. For locations that need to act quickly in the event of an emergency, a PAS 68 gate is a perfect choice.


    PAS 68 gates are designed to restrict access, and protect businesses in areas such as:

    Industrial sites • Construction sites • High-security areas • Government buildings


    Strong and durable PAS 68 gates

    Looking for extra security for your business? Here at Expert Security UK we provide our customers with all of the products they need to keep their site extremely secure. 


    Our PAS 68 gates may have a sleek appearance yet they are incredibly durable and can withstand physical damage from the likes of cars and trucks. Our barriers have been tested both in the UK and USA to PAS-68:2010 and DoD K12. This ensures they can withstand impacts of up to 7.5 tonnes travelling at 80kph.


    Hassle-free gate installation 

    When you purchase a PAS 68 gate from Expert Security UK, we’ll conduct a survey of your site to make sure you’re receiving the product that’s right for you. We will tailor your product to your premises with the ideal measurements.


    Our expert team is trained to carry out gate installations with the right duty of care, to ensure there is minimal disruption to you, your business, and the surrounding environment. 

    full-circle service

    From the initial design process to aftercare and maintenance, our dedicated teams will provide expert support throughout the entire purchase process.


    We always strive to give our customers value for money – without compromising on the quality.


    Every product you find at Expert Security UK features up-to-the-minute technology with sophisticated design.

    Bespoke Service

    We’re proud to give all our clients a service that is created with their specifications in mind. We never treat two customers the same.

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