Height Restriction Barriers

Built with you in mind

When you have limited space to work with, you need to make sure that there is always easy access to your premises. Large vehicles are not always ideal, and can actually hinder your day-to-day productivity by causing unnecessary obstructions to the entrances and exits of your premises.

Luckily, our range of height restriction barriers offers a low-cost, zero-maintenance solution to keep your days running smoothly.

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    Technical details

    Material Steel constructed height restriction barrier
    Construction – Standard Mild steel square hollow section
    Construction – Heavy duty Gates – 60 x 60 x 3mm/Posts 100 x 100 x 100mm
    Finish Gates – 80 x 80 x 5mm/Posts 150 x 150 x 5mm
    Fittings Comes complete with padlock and fixings
    Available span From 2.0 – 6.0 metres (Single leaf) 12 metres (Double leaf)
    Installation Posts may be either sunken or surface mounted
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    £2,500 - £5,000

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    Adjustable barriers

    Our height restriction barriers can be adjusted to suit the needs of your site, whether it’s an outdoor car park or an underground parking structure.

    With single and double leaf options available, you can choose a span from between 2 metres and 12 metres. That way, you can make sure both narrow channels and wide entrances are catered for.

    Thankfully, our car park height restriction barriers are also available with a swinging cross beam. This allows authorised tall sided vehicles to safely enter your premises, without needing to remove the restriction.

    Quick and easy installation

    When choosing an Expert Security barrier, we make sure that you receive the product that is right for you.

    Our professional installation team begins by surveying your property. Then, we create an installation plan that takes your needs into account. This means we can install a barrier that is perfect for your location, at a time that causes minimal disruptions to your workplace.

    Once it’s fully installed, we’ll follow up with you to ensure it’s properly used and maintained. This way, you’re sure to get the best out of your product and make sure it’s always used correctly and safely.

    full-circle service

    From the initial design process to aftercare and maintenance, our dedicated teams will provide expert support throughout the entire purchase process.


    We always strive to give our customers value for money – without compromising on the quality.


    Every product you find at Expert Security UK features up-to-the-minute technology with sophisticated design.

    Bespoke Service

    We’re proud to give all our clients a service that is created with their specifications in mind. We never treat two customers the same.

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