Paxton Net2

Manage your security effortlessly


When working in busy environments, it’s crucial to make sure you have control over who can enter restricted areas. Thankfully, Paxton Net 2 access control system from Expert Security UK offers a simple solution.

With its user-friendly interface and effortless integration, this highly popular access system is an easy way to give your premises the security it needs to run a smooth operation.

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    Technical Details

    Key features Software can be installed on multiple
    workstations, free software upgrades,
    emergency lockdown, intruder alarm
    zoning, timesheet and timeline reporting
    energy saving triggers and actions,
    automatic roll call and muster
    Receiver read range 850-2500mm
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    £2000 - £4000

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    Fully integrated into your existing security

    When you choose a Paxton Net 2 access control system, you can manage the security of your premises reactively for a number of situations.


    The emergency lockdown feature lets you quickly secure the entire building, which makes it ideal for businesses that deal with sensitive data and need to act with urgency. You can also localise security protocols to specific areas of your premises, securing doors and activating the alarms without affecting the whole building.


    This flexibility gives you total control over your premises, so you’ll have peace of mind that your entrances and exits are fully secure at all times.


    The Paxton Net 2 system means you’re not just choosing an access system, but a way to keep your business connected.


    By linking it directly to your fire alarm, you can program the fire doors in your business to open automatically in case of an emergency. This will make sure that your employees, and any members of the public, can safely evacuate.


    You can also connect it to a commercial CCTV system, intruder alarms and audio/video door entry systems. This means that whatever security methods your business currently employs, or is thinking of implementing in the future, linking them to a Paxton Net 2 system can be done quickly and easily.


    Hassle-free installation

    Once you’ve chosen an Expert Security UK product, our team of specialists will begin by giving your premise a full survey to ensure you’re getting the right security system for your business.


    Once our team have your desired specifications, they will arrive to install your product at a time that best suits your business needs and will even return for a follow-up to make sure everything is running smoothly.

    full-circle service

    From the initial design process to aftercare and maintenance, our dedicated teams will provide expert support throughout the entire purchase process.


    We always strive to give our customers value for money – without compromising on the quality.


    Every product you find at Expert Security UK features up-to-the-minute technology with sophisticated design.

    Bespoke Service

    We’re proud to give all our clients a service that is created with their specifications in mind. We never treat two customers the same.

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