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Waist Height Turnstiles

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Product Details

When your premises experiences a high volume of visitors, it’s important to make sure you can control access to your buildings in an organised manner.

At Expert Security, we supply a range of waist-height turnstiles that will keep your internal lobbies and entryways secure. They empower you to control access without the need for hiring extra security personnel.

A smooth operation

Our waist-height turnstiles are suitable for anywhere from an office building to rail stations. Their design is excellent for crowd control, as only one visitor can pass through the turnstile at a time. This ensures your site will remain secure at all times, even during busy periods.

In the case of an emergency, the drop-arm function will automatically lower the turnstiles to allow staff and visitors to quickly and safely evacuate the premises.  

A professional finish

All our waist height turnstiles are constructed from robust stainless steel, making them sturdy enough for optimum security while also being suitable for modern spaces.

Our turnstiles even come equipped with LED indicators, which allow them to give clear and concise instructions to visitors.

Designed for your business

By choosing waist height turnstiles from Expert Security, you can tailor your products to best reflect the needs of your business. We provide single and double-sized turnstiles to help accommodate all sizes, as well as disabled-access models.

Plus, thanks to their bi-rotating arms, our turnstiles can be set up as entrance and exit paths without needing to install additional safety equipment.

Quick Installation

When you’ve decided on your Expert security product, we’ll send in our team of professionals to survey your site to make sure you’re choosing the right waist height turnstiles to suit your needs.

We’ll then install your turnstiles at a time and date that causes the least disruption to your day-to-day business, so you can have your new product ready for use as quickly as possible. You’ll also receive a full handover so you’ll know your new product inside out.

Take the next step to a safer tomorrow

Find out more about our extensive range of waist height turnstiles by getting in touch here. Alternatively, you can call our team on 0808 256 6159.


Technical details

Housing Material 304 Stainless Steel
Working Environment Indoor
Working Temperature -30ºC – +70ºC
Relative Humidity 95% Condensation Free
MCBF 2,000,000 Cycles
Channel Width 550-600mm
Arm Length 500mm
Arm Turning Angle 120º
Arm Turning Direction Two Directions
Power Supply AC 220V/110V (Optional)
Pass Speed 25 Persons/Min
Communications Interface RS485
Power 50W

Reliable full-circle service

From the initial design process to aftercare and maintenance, our dedicated teams will provide expert support throughout the entire purchase process.

Competitive Pricing

We always strive to give our customers value for money – without compromising on the quality.

Modern Technology

Every product you find at Expert Security UK features up-to-the-minute technology with sophisticated design.

Bespoke Service

We’re proud to give all our clients a service that is created with their specifications in mind. We never treat two customers the same.

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