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Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition Speed Lanes

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Product Details

Protecting your staff and visitors from exposure to infections will no doubt remain a top priority for business owners and building staff. Expert Security’s state-of-the-art temperature detection and facial recognition speed lanes not only control who enters depending on their authorisation level, but also restricts or grants access depending on a person’s state of health (a feature carrying much more importance since COVID-19/Coronavirus).

High-precision infrared temperature detection

One of the easiest ways to detect a potential infection or virus (such as Coronavirus) is through temperature measurements. Our facial recognition speed lanes offer contactless infrared temperature detection with very high precision.

They provide an incredibly fast and non-contact way of automatically detecting a person’s body temperature. Able to detect body temperature when they are just 0.2 metres away, you can control who enters your building quickly and easily, managing risk against possible virus infection.

Dynamic facial recognition

With the new normal likely to include wearing face masks in crowded places, you don’t have to worry as the unique algorithm in our facial recognition and virus detection speed lanes is still able to detect a person’s identity when they are wearing a mask.

Fast and contactless protection

With less than a 0.2 second wait until a person is identified, you can rest assured that you are only letting authorised personnel in and out of your building.

Temperature and identity can be recognised completely autonomously, meaning there is no need for the speed lanes to be individually manned. If someone is detected to not be wearing a mask, or to have an abnormal temperature, they can automatically be denied entry to the building or an alarm siren can sound to alert the right personnel.

Stand-alone temperature control scanners

Please note, these can be retro-fitted to existing speed lanes. Please get in touch to discuss any adapting requirements you may have.

Our stand-alone temperature control scanners are a quick, easy and portable way to accurately measure the body temperature of employees or guests as they enter your building, as a way of preventing the spread of infections. A polite warning sound is emitted if an abnormal temperature is detected, or a signal can be sent to a remote computer. This device can be handheld, or fixed to any surface of wall-mounted, as well as attached to our facial recognition speed lanes.

You can read more about the temperature detection scanners here.

Quick and easy installation of your facial recognition speed lanes

Installation of your Expert Security speed lanes is quick and easy. Following a full survey of your building and premises, our expertly trained team will ensure your new equipment is installed as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to you and others.

Help create a healthier and safer future

To find out more about our temperature detection/facial recognition speed lanes and how they can benefit you and your company, please get in touch. Or you can give our team a call on 0800 211 8413.


Technical details

Case Materials
Plastic shell. Metal black plate.
CPU Processor 4 Core 1.2G
ROM 32G eMMc
Camera Pixel HD Colourful Camera,
Infrared Camera,
Thermal Imaging Camera
Fill Light High Light,
LED Fill Light
Dual Infrared High-Power Fill Light
Display Screen 5″ Capacity Touch Screen
Screen Resolution 854 x 480
Keypad Touch Virtual Keyboard
Communication TCP/IP, WIFI, USB Pen Drive
FRR <=0.1%
FAR <=0.001%
Product Size 154mm x 152mm x 22mm
Power Supply DC 12V, 2A
Working Temperature 95°C – 60°C
Language English
User ID Capacity 3,000
Face Capacity 3,000
User Record Capacity 1,000,000
Identification Type Dynamic Face Recognition
Identification Display Person’s Name and Number
Face Recognition Time < 0.2s
Intelligent Function Infrared Live Person
Identification Detection
Face Recognition Distance 0.5m – 1.0m
Temperature Detection Distance 0.2m – 0.7m
Temperature Detection Error +/- 0.3°C
Temperature Detection Unit 0.1°C

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