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FeeMaster Smart Console

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Product Details

Managing parking access to your business premises is crucial to maintaining a smooth operation. However, the costs of installing expensive equipment and cabling across your site can soon mount up.

Fortunately, the FeeMaster smart console from Expert Security UK is the perfect solution to controlling vehicle access whilst keeping costs low.

FeeMaster: A smarter way to park

Our FeeMaster smart consoles are compact devices that read barcode tickets issued at your entry stations. The consoles provide a simple and secure way to allow visitors to enter and leave your premises easily, while preventing any unauthorised access.

Not only does this make it effortless for your visitors to use your parking facilities, but, it also ensures that there will always be sufficient parking for authorised guests.

Quick, easy and effortless to use

FeeMaster smart consoles streamline vehicle access with the use of Mifare smart cards. These cards are reusable and each one calculates fees automatically using entry times, which allows visitors to simply scan their card to gain quick and easy access.

Each card is time-stamped upon scanning, ensuring that visitors are accurately charged for their stay in accordance with the set tariffs of the FeeMaster Smart Console, minimising the need for human interaction.

Parking customised to your needs

The FeeMaster smart console is a versatile security system, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

There is an option to print barcode exit tokens for your visitors, so they can exit your car park swiftly and hassle-free. Plus, it can even print receipts, which allows each user to keep track of their own parking fees.

You have total control over your parking tariffs and can set the rate to whatever suits your business. There is even a ‘no charge days’ setting to give you the option of allowing free parking at specific times or dates.

Stay in the know

When you choose a FeeMaster smart console from Expert Security, you make record-keeping a simple task. The console can be connected to a PC at your property, which gives you a straightforward way to analyse the parking records of your visitors.

This data includes the date and time of every vehicle that enters and exits your property, as well as each Mifare card number for a comprehensive breakdown.

Quick and easy installation

Once you’ve chosen your Expert Security product, we’ll begin by sending our team of specialists to conduct a full survey of your site. We’ll then discuss with you a time to install your FeeMaster smart console at a time that causes minimal disruption to your day-to-day business.

Once your product is up-and-running, our installation team will provide a full handover to ensure you can fully operate and maintain your console. If you come across any issues or want any more information, we’re only a phone call away.

Take the next step to a safer tomorrow

Find out more about our extensive range of FeeMaster smart console by getting in touch here. Alternatively, you can call our team on 0808 256 6159.  


Technical details

Supply voltage 12V DC (in-line mains adapter included)
Output Power supplied to barcode scanner via serial interface (if connected)
Display 4 lines x 20 character LCD
Keypad Membrane keypad with a set of numeric keys and a range of intuitive function keys
Visual indicators ‘Encoded’ LED (Green); ‘Error’ LED (Red)
Audible indicators Alarm buzzer for errors and unauthorised access
Dimensions (mm) 93 x 150 x 280 (H x W X D)
Barcode scanner RS232 including power to scanner (9-pin D-type)
Customer Display RS232 (9-pin D-type)
Receipt printer RS232 (9-pin D-type)
Auxiliary output relay Changeover relay contacts (rated at 1A at 24V DC) for controlling an external device such as a barrier or till drawer
PC interface RS485 (9-pin D-type) to USB converter at PC

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