Whistl secure their Bolton Depot with Expert Security Speed Gates

Whistl secure their Bolton Depot with Expert Security Speed Gates

With over 6,000 customers and delivering 4 billion items every year, Whistl is on a mission to continue growing by offering exceptional delivery services. Due to their success, it is essential that their depots are secured with the latest security systems.

Expert Security UK teamed up with Whistl in March 2017 and installed a high-security Bi-Fold Speed Gate at their new Bolton premises. The system allows authorised drivers and deliveries to enter quickly and safely, ensuring no vehicle queueing. A significant asset of the Bi-Folding Speed Gate is how fast it operates, which helps to prevent tailgating.

When the gates are closed, pedestrians cannot access the site, making the system completely secure.

”It’s been great teaming up with Whistl on this project, and everyone is really pleased with the end result. Our Bi-Folding Speed Gate Systems are fast becoming the preferred choice for securing depots like this one, especially in the logistics sector. The combination of speed and security is vital in allowing our clients to protect their goods whilst not disrupting day-to-day operations”

Ryan Scholfield, Sales Director at Expert Security UK

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