The Brilliance of Bi-Folding Gates revolutionises Turnpike House

The Brilliance of Bi-Folding Gates revolutionises Turnpike House

Salford City Council came to Expert Security UK to manage the security upgrades at Turnpike House. As a large council responsible for many different sites, security is of the utmost importance, which is why the contract was awarded to Expert Security.

The project necessitated the removal and decommissioning of an old automatic barrier system, which Expert replaced with a new Speed Gate System. Bi-folding gates from Expert are ideal in situations where space is at a premium or where the speed of opening and closing is essential. This high speed makes bi-folding gates an ideal solution for sites requiring a high level of security. The bi-folding gates have a hinge between the leaves, which further assists in the very fast operation speeds, optimising not only security but smooth running of daily operations and services.

This made bi-folding gates the clear choice for Turnpike House, which has intense vehicle activity, with over 450 vehicles using the gates in multiple instances each day. Bi-folding gates are easily incorporated into existing systems or security systems designed by Expert Security. Also easily incorporated into such systems are full-height turnstiles and all manner of security turnstiles and perimeter security.

Bi-folding gates from Expert use a superior integrated control panel and encoder, which allows for a fast, smooth direct drive action. This makes our gates more sophisticated than other models on the market.

Fully integrated into their system and working in tandem with access control cards and new UPASS Vehicle Windscreen Tags, the bi-folding gates have not only improved security but have also saved the council money on guards for the site. Expert also installed additional security features such as security turnstiles, pedestrian gates, and fencing.

A system like this provides maximum site security and safety for the council, its employees, and its visitors. If you would like to benefit from Expert Security's experience and bespoke security systems, including security turnstiles and electric sliding gates, don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice or a quote.