Only the best sliding gate security upgrade for Security Plus!

Only the best sliding gate security upgrade for Security Plus!

In May 2015, Security Plus + consulted Expert Security to overhaul their current security system. Following a number of failures to their old sliding gate, Security Plus + required a more efficient replacement gate, and after some thorough consultation, a new sliding gate concept was agreed upon.

Founded in 1977, Security Plus + Limited is Europe’s largest independent volume cash carrier. Beginning life as a manned guarding operation with an interest in cash-in-transit services, Security Plus + has significantly grown its cash-in-transit business over the years. Today, it serves a variety of clients, including regional operations for several national high-street retailers from strategic locations in the Midlands, North of England, and South of Scotland.

The existing gate system had become problematic, as security is paramount at this site. Designing a smaller cantilever gate system that is fully CE Certified meant the new sliding gate was faster and more efficient. It is this kind of attention and service that marks Expert Security as the best.

Sliding gates aren’t the only security option with which Expert excel…

Sliding driveway gates are a fantastic way of beefing up your security, whatever your business, but that isn’t the only option from Expert Security – not even close! With a wide range of options, including automatic car park barriers, rising electric bollards and turnstiles (both waist height turnstiles and full height turnstiles are available), whatever your specific needs, Expert can provide you with the highest quality security.

Not only do you get a product of the highest quality, tailored to your exact specifications, when you deal with Expert – whether it’s sliding gates or turnstiles or any of our security options – you get design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance all in one company. Apart from the excellent service that this includes, it streamlines your upgrade process! What more could you want from the best in security?

If you would like to benefit from a security upgrade from Expert Security, whether with an electric sliding gate or our turnstiles, please feel free to explore the site. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team if you have any queries or would like a quote!