New Sliding Gate System Helps Keep Indestructible Paint LTD Protected

New Sliding Gate System Helps Keep Indestructible Paint LTD Protected

To ensure the new staff car park of Birmingham’s Indestructible Paint was kept inaccessible to unauthorised visitors, we installed an automatic sliding gate to optimise the area's security and ensure staff ease of access.

Indestructible Paint Ltd, one of the country’s top suppliers of Engine Coatings for the aviation sector, was concerned about potential unauthorised parking. The team at Expert Security worked closely with the client’s requirements, considering numerous factors such as the level of security and access required and the amount of space available in the car park. The team found a solution for the project in the form of a tandem sliding gate system.

Tandem sliding gates are often implemented in situations where the amount of space for the returning gate to slide back to is restricted. These versatile automatic gates can be split, meaning less room is required for their installation.

Sporting Indestructible’s trademark royal blue hue, the gate installation was carried out by the Expert Security team. They implemented a system set up to work on remote controls for authorised staff only.

Our Automatic Sliding Gates Are Built to the Highest Quality

A secure sliding gate system can protect your car park area from vehicles and pedestrians. Furthermore, all of our gates are custom-made for specific job requirements—we tailor gates to your exact specification and preferences, providing solutions for projects where space may be an issue or if there are already security systems in place.

Experty Security’s sliding gate systems can be integrated into existing access control systems, or we can provide you with a bespoke access control system that seamlessly meets your requirements.

Finally, we ensure that all our automatic sliding gates are built to the highest quality and strength, making them nearly indestructible!