It isn’t just sliding gates that have propelled Expert to success – as BAM construction can testify!

It isn’t just sliding gates that have propelled Expert to success – as BAM construction can testify!

One of our largest projects this year was providing security systems to the prestigious BAM Construction. Completed in April 2015, this project is something we are proud to have been part of such a broad project – including automatic security gates and bespoke perimeter fencing to secure a new leisure centre facility.

BAM have a proud history in the construction industry in the UK dating back to 1874. Their building remit includes offices, schools, hospitals, university departments, hotels, research labs, cultural venues, museums – the list is endless! Whether iconic or functional, BAM is a prominent and successful industry leader.

Both Expert Security UK and BAM worked closely together to design, install, and commission a high-level bespoke security system using the highest-spec technology. Due to the run-back restrictions, automated swing gates were favoured over a sliding gate system. When you consult Expert, we only recommend the best products for your unique situation!

Security systems by Expert are the clear choice for those in the know, whether you need turnstiles, a sliding gate, or more!

BAM was impressed with their security upgrade and the improved security and usability of the system, and we look forward to working with BAM on other sites around the UK in the near future!

Consulting with Expert makes a security upgrade a streamlined and simple process – using only the best company for everything from site assessment and design of your sliding gates or turnstiles to installation and maintenance!

If you would like to benefit from Expert Security's technological innovations and design expertise or learn more about our exceptional products, such as sliding gates, turnstiles, or anything else you can imagine, feel free to explore our site or get in touch!