First Class Security for First Milk

First Class Security for First Milk

First Milk is a wholly British farmer-owned dairy co-operative with a vision to create value for members by delivering long-term prosperity in the form of success, profitability, security and well-being. Owned by family farms that supply the milk and invest capital in the business, they produce award-winning cheddar, regional cheeses and dairy ingredients, as well as marketing fresh raw milk to many other UK dairy processors

Expert Security UK was tasked with designing and installing a cost-effective solution to upgrade the security system at their Haverfordwest site. This involved decommissioning and removing their old barriers and replacing them with Bi-Fold Speed Gates. The new gates not only outperformed the barriers in speed but also offered complete security, ensuring pedestrians could not gain access through the entrance.

To complement the vehicle bi-fold speed gates, Expert Security UK also installed a Full-Height Pedestrian Turnstile and pedestrian Gate that controls staff and visitor access to the site.

The security system is also linked to a virtual reception unit that books visitors in and goes through the onsite safety procedures before a visitor sets foot on the premises.

“This has been a great project from start to finish and its always good to see the different aspects of the job come together. The Virtual Reception is a huge success that not only gives First Milk the edge in the latest visitor management technology but will also give them a huge cost saving on man guarding. We estimate that within the first 10-12 months the system will have paid for itself allowing First Milk to invest in other areas”

- Sales Director Danny Scholfield

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