Expert work with the Watkin Jones Group to give St Andrews students a secure future!

Expert work with the Watkin Jones Group to give St Andrews students a secure future!

We like to think of ourselves as the brains behind security, but in this case, we were helping to provide a secure environment for some studious individuals! Working together with Watkin Jones Group, Expert Security designed and installed a bespoke security system at Abbeyhill St. Andrews student accommodation.

The project had many components, including the demolition of existing structures on site, the construction of 422 bedrooms for student accommodation, and an associated management suite across two blocks. The chief responsibility of the Expert in this project was to install fencing and an Automated Swing Gate system, keeping the development secure and guarded from unauthorised access.

Expert Security has enjoyed working with Watkin Jones Group on previous projects, including work with Automatic Sliding Gates, Rising Bollards, Turnstiles and bespoke railings. This is the seventh project collaboration between Watkin Jones Group and Expert Security UK in just two years! Talk about a dream team!

The fine work and consistently good results ensure that collaborators are keen to work with Expert again and again!

Whatever your project, if you’re keen to work with the experts in access control, get in touch with Expert! As our history with Watkin Jones Group shows, we are adept at bespoke security measures and enjoy collaborating with other capable companies to produce the best results! We hope to work with Watkin Jones Group again in the future!

If you are interested in any of our popular products, like our Automatic Sliding Gates, our services are just a phone call, or email away! With Automatic Sliding Gates from Expert, secure access has never been easier or better quality. Get in touch with our friendly and capable team to find out more!