Expert install secure sliding gates at JM Plant in Essex

Expert install secure sliding gates at JM Plant in Essex

As a plant hire firm, J Matthews requires a high level of security to protect their vehicles and goods. Sliding gates are an ideal solution on this sort of site, as they stop unauthorised access to the site.

Expert Security installed cantilever sliding gates, providing site security and quick and convenient access for authorised persons. Together with the sliding gates, Expert incorporated individual radio control transmitters for staff to use to open the gate and enter the site through the sliding gates.

Electric sliding gates are the simplest and most effective way to increase your security.

Expert Security undertook the full works, providing the civil works, commissioning, and design elements of the project, including the electric sliding gates. Expert Security works to give you a tailor-made project unique to your needs and specifications, maximising your security and the effectiveness of your business operations.

Next to the sliding gates, Expert Security additionally installed a pedestrian access gate, complete with magnetic lock and closer, and a four-digit code pad to allow authorised access to staff when required. This has the added benefit of reducing the pedestrian backlog and traffic build-up to the site while maintaining the optimum security provided by the electric sliding gates.

J Matthews Plant Hire now enjoys a high level of security provided by electric sliding gates without compromising on ease or speed of access. If you want to benefit from a bespoke security system like J Matthews Plant Hire, including electric sliding gates or our turnstiles, don’t hesitate to get in touch!