Expert Install Barriers & ANPR at North West Ambulance HQ

Expert Install Barriers & ANPR at North West Ambulance HQ

Expert Security UK teamed up with Frank Whittle Partnerships and W. Monks Ltd to design and install a new security system at NWAS in Preston. The system was installed in June and included two ES6000 High-Speed Barriers with Nedap Number Plate Recognition & Paxton Access Control.


The Client…

The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) NHS Trust was established on 1 July 2006 by the merger of ambulance trusts from Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside, Cumbria and Lancashire. They currently employ over 4,900 staff. The Trust Headquarters is in Bolton, and there are four area offices serving the communities of Cheshire and Merseyside (Liverpool), Cumbria and Lancashire (Broughton near Preston and Salkeld Hall, Carlisle) and Greater Manchester (Bury).

There are 109 ambulance stations distributed across the region, three emergency operations centres, one support centre, two patient transport service control centres, and two HART buildings (one being shared with Merseyside Fire & Rescue). The Trust operates around 1,000 vehicles on both emergency and non-emergency operations.

NWAS receive over 1,170,000 emergency calls per year, with emergency crews attending more than 952,000 incidents each year, with around 800,000 of these requiring emergency transport. This represents approximately 16% of national activity. The Trust undertakes over 1.1 million non-emergency patient transport journeys each year

More About the Barrier System…

The ES6000 Automatic Barrier range is produced in the UK using the latest technology to maintain the barriers smooth operation. It uses an integral Telemecanique inverter-driven motor and gearbox drive, which only requires a single-phase supply, providing a smooth, consistent operation.

The Barrier is controlled by a Telemecanique PLC Control Board, which can be programmed to suit any form of access control requirements. This allows speedy installation and no return visits to modify the programmes. The power input is 230v, controlling a three-phase motor, offering reliability and high torque. With this control panel and gearbox design, no springs or counterweights are required to assist in the operation of the barriers.

The aluminium externally placed control cabinet has been designed to stand out from the rest. Its sleek looks are achieved by investing heavily in aluminium extrusions, which ensure product longevity and make it look as good as the day it was installed.

The NEPAD ANPR license plate reader features both RS485 and Ethernet communication interfaces. When combined with the Wiegand Interface Module, it provides an easy and seamless integration into most access control systems.

When used for vehicle access control, the ANPR Access HD reads number plates and sends them to the Wiegand Interface Module, which converts each valid number plate into a Wiegand ID string and sends it to the access control panel in the same way as a standard card reader. The Wiegand number can then be checked for access rights so that access can be granted or denied accordingly.

The Nedap ANPR covers all European countries plus many countries worldwide, supporting a large range of infrared-reflective number plates. The combination of the HD sensor with the high-power IR enables reading more complex number plates in more challenging circumstances and from a wider range

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