Constructing the utmost in security gates with our client ISG!

Constructing the utmost in security gates with our client ISG!

Global construction leaders ISG Plc were awarded a contract to design and install an automatic sliding gate on the new West Quay Shopping Centre link bridge in Southampton. ISG works all over the world on a variety of projects across many sectors, including Leisure, Education, Health, Industrial, Education, and Retail. They set the standard for the industry, and we were delighted to work alongside ISG for the second time and proud to be their chosen electric gate company.

The project entailed securing a car park between certain times. We’re so proud of our team for their speedy and hard work – the installation of the security gates was completed in only 3 weeks, including design and manufacturing, pretty great going even for the best electric gate company!

Looking for a professional, reliable electric gate company? You found us!

In a project of this nature, it is vital to have both speed of operation and the highest level of security, which is why our automatic sliding gates were chosen as the best fit. We supply our automatic sliding gates nationwide, including providing the best security gates in London and the South East, as well as our home ground, the North West!

As evidenced by this project for ISG, we specialise in the bespoke design and installation of automatic sliding gates. This means we are in the best position to provide tailored security solutions to your company within a timeframe that suits you! From design to installation, the Expert takes care of everything.

As an electric sliding gate company, Expert Security already has some fantastic accolades to its name, and we are always happy to add more projects to our books! If you would like to benefit from a security upgrade, whether it be security gates in London or the installation of turnstiles, get in touch to hear about the best security upgrades around!