Chic Security for GYM Unique

Chic Security for GYM Unique

Gym Unique is Durham’s newest indoor fitness facility. Their state-of-the-art facilities host an impressive stock of the industry’s leading fitness equipment and an exciting range of classes, as well as some unique activities not found in a gym setting.

Opening in October, they pride themselves on unbeatable prices and a unique gym experience. Fitting in with their cutting-edge gym equipment, owner Aaron Arkley wanted a security system that would set them above other gyms.

Expert Security UK designed a turnstile system with a chic double pedestrian gate, all controlled by the touch of a finger (literally). Biometric fingerprint readers were fitted to the turnstile to allow members to gain entry to the gym without any gym cards or passes!

How the Access System Works:

The member registers their print upon signing up with Gym Unique. This print now acts as the identification method, replacing the traditional membership card. When the member attends the gym, they simply press their finger onto the reader, and this allows entry through the turnstile or gates.

Ievo Finger Print Scanner

The ievo ultimate is a CPNI-certified fingerprint scanner that combines an industry-leading multispectral imaging sensor with advanced security features. Employing a high-performance multispectral imaging (MSI) sensor, the ultimate delivers a cutting-edge biometric solution, simultaneously reading data from both the surface and subsurface levels of a fingerprint even when features are hard to distinguish due to factors such as dirt, moisture and damage. Supporting proximity detection and clear LED and audio indications, the reader offers simplicity along with convenience to the user.

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