Bi-folding gates rise to the challenge of advancing security at Warburton’s.

Bi-folding gates rise to the challenge of advancing security at Warburton’s.

Warburton’s Bread factory consulted with Expert to improve pedestrian security on their site in Burnley. Considering their need for 24/7 surveillance, bifold gates are an ideal solution to an issue like this.

The existing security system relied upon a security guard in a kiosk controlling the barriers. At night, a sliding gate system was implemented to provide 24/7 secure access. Experts were tasked with finding a better solution to the current system, which was prone to breaking down and providing greater after-hours security to the site.

Bi-fold gates from Expert give you secure flexibility

Our Bi-Folding Gates are the ideal solution where the speed of opening and closing is essential or where space is at a premium. They are designed with high security in mind. The bi-folding gates have a hinge between the leaves, which further assists in the very fast operation speeds. Our bi-fold gates use a superior integrated control panel and encoder, which allows for a fast, smooth direct drive action.

Bi-folding gates, as with all security systems from Expert, can be easily integrated into an existing system, quickly and easily. Expert made sure that the new bi-fold gates were incorporated into the existing access control system, making the transaction from the old system to the new, simple and quick.

Warburton was delighted with their security upgrade and the improved speed and usability of the system. Consulting with Expert makes a security upgrade a streamlined and simple process—using only one company for everything from site assessment and design to installation and maintenance.

If you would like to benefit from a security upgrade from Expert Security, whether in the form of bi-folding gates or our turnstiles, please feel free to explore the site or get in touch with our friendly team if you have any queries or would like a quote!