Auto vehicle identification – gives Express Parcels the edge

Auto vehicle identification – gives Express Parcels the edge

The Client – Express Parcel Services

Established in 1971 by the current Chairman & Managing Director Barrie Taylor FCA, Express Parcel Services (EPS) Group of Companies is still family-owned and run. Offering a wide range of flexible Storage, Warehousing & Distribution services through their fleet of over 100 vehicles with numerous depots across the country. EPS are proud to have become a shareholder member of the UK’s fastest-growing overnight pallet network, Pallet-Track Ltd, offering a range of services for palletised distribution with market-leading IT, network support and unrivalled service levels.

The Challenge …

The site was already well secured with CCTV, a cantilever sliding gate system and security guards, but EPS wanted to look at a system that reduced guarding hours. Another remit of the new system was the speed. Whilst cantilever sliding gates are very secure, they are slower than a barrier system and can allow for unauthorised tailgating. It was also crucial that the new system identified and logged entering vehicles and visitors, linking back to a management system.

The Solution…

After listening to the customer's requirements, Expert Security UK came up with the perfect solution that ticked all the boxes. Heavy-duty tandem barriers with top & bottom skirting were included to provide a speedy physical barrier that will prevent unauthorised vehicles and pedestrians from accessing the premises. The access control system proved more of a challenge as due to the positioning of the barriers and the way the HGVs entered, it was not possible to fit a card reader & post. after reviewing ANPR and wireless vehicle tags with the advice of Nortech Control Systems, it was decided a Nedap Transit Ultimate system was ideal

The System…

A robust long-range reader based on semi-active RFID technology enables automatic vehicle identification at distances of up to 10 metres and speeds of up to 125 mph.

The TRANSIT Ultimate is designed to perform well in both high-security applications and demanding vehicular access control applications under harsh environmental conditions.

The TRANSIT Ultimate offers the highest level of security and convenience for both vehicles and drivers. The built-in antenna, an integrated read range adjustment board, and a variety of communication interfaces ensure seamless and flexible integration. The reader's identification lobe is a directed beam, offering precise determination of the detection area. A second RFID communication channel is used for advanced bidirectional communication and secure tag authentication.

Product Features

  • Robust industrial design
  • Read range of up to 10 metres
  • Object speed up to 125 mph
  • Well-defined adjustable read range
  • Multi-channel selection
  • Variety of integrated communication interfaces
  • 3 colour LED indication
  • Tag authentication based on AES Encryption
  • Bi-directional communication using two RFID channels
  • Supports backward-compatibility mode with previous TRANSIT readers

Installation Photos…