A safer school thanks to our automatic gate system

A safer school thanks to our automatic gate system

Protection and security are considered paramount since new guidelines from OFSTED identified that educational settings must have a secure fence line and clear boundaries to benefit children and staff. An issue associated with this is that car park and pedestrian entrances, if not controlled by an automatic sliding gate, can be left open and create a risk of unauthorised entry. An electric sliding gate is not specified, but it is a clear choice for a school to give optimum control and security throughout the day while accommodating the entrance and exit of many persons.

Pilgrims Way School in South East London already had an automatic sliding gate system on their staff car park but the main pedestrian gate was not automated and could be left unlocked if the staff forgot to padlock between set times. One benefit of installing an automatic sliding gate is the removal of human error from the equation of safety. This is important to safely keep the children inside the playground, and reduce security risks.

To maximise the perimeter security while allowing full access to authorised individuals, Expert Security installed a small swing gate operator to the current pedestrian swing gate, including the installation of an intercom system and proximity card reader to allow staff and visitors to gain entry following the locking of the gate.

Expert security provides each electric sliding gate with the highest security specifications and these systems can be linked to the school’s fire alarm panel to allow them to ‘fail safe’ in case of emergency.

The school was delighted with the extra security measures and bespoke design of the systems and now feels secure in the knowledge that they offer the highest security and protection to their staff and pupils.

If like Pilgrims’ Way, you’re looking to maximise security for your establishment or business, contact us today. We’re dedicated to finding the perfect solution whether that be an electric sliding gate or any of our security systems.