Why is school security important?

Why is school security important?

Schools are busy sites that are mostly populated with vulnerable children of all ages. Because of this, the responsibility of safeguarding children on school grounds falls heavily on the staff. Through implementing the right security measures, staff can ensure that they are enforcing the very best ways to keep a school site secure. Great school security can include access control, CCTV systems, and industrial gates to secure the premises. But why is school security so important as to necessitate these measures? Continue reading to learn more about the importance of school security. 

Health and safety law

Employers are required by law to “take a common sense and proportionate approach” to assessing and preventing health and safety risks. This accounts for any security threats that may endanger staff and students on site. The government states that schools should not ignore the possibility of any security issues including arson, vandalism, cyber attacks, weapons, and terror-related attacks. So, if you don’t take the appropriate school security measures, this is actually breaking the law, and can thus have serious consequences.

Protecting staff and students

The safety of staff and students should be at the forefront of any school’s priorities. By enforcing sufficient school security, those who spend lots of time in the school will be protected from risks. Creating a safe environment for students to learn and teachers to work is of the utmost importance in fulfilling your responsibility to keep them safe. It’s very difficult to ensure the safety of staff and students without school security, which is why this is so important. 

Peace of mind for staff, students and guardians

No parent or guardian wants to send their children to an unsafe environment, especially not a school that they visit five days a week. The same applies to staff and students themselves; feeling unsafe in school can cause major stress and anxiety for all involved. Give staff, students, and their family members peace of mind that your school has taken all possible steps to maximise the safety of those on school property. This will also encourage teaching and learning in the school, since staff and students won’t have extra worries to distract them from lessons. 

Reduced risks of vandalism

Schools are often at risk of vandalism from rival schools or current and former pupils. School security measures such as CCTV and fortified boundaries not only deter vandals, but also help to catch them in the act. Vandalism can cause serious damage to a school building, as well as creating an unattractive eyesore that may hinder productivity. As a consequence of vandalism, things such as broken glass or loose stones can cause a safety hazard to people on site. Instead, prevent these risks by attending to school security in a thoughtful and thorough manner. 

Monitoring suspicious activity

Every school needs a good idea of what goes on in the premises. School security measures can protect students’ well being by denying access to trespassers, and can also catch any suspicious activity on CCTV. School security can be a huge help with safeguarding by keeping students safe on the property and also monitoring what happens when they are entering and exiting the site. It also allows you to detect students or visitors who may act suspiciously in the presence of security measures, giving an indication that something may not be right. 

Cut down on prohibited materials

Items like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and weapons pose a huge threat to schools. Without the correct school security, these prohibited materials may be left to run rampant amongst the school body. By taking intentional steps to eradicate such materials through school security, there is likely to be a huge decrease in these articles on site. Even just the visible presence of school security measures will massively deter people from bringing prohibited items into school for fear of being caught and reprimanded. 

Schools need enhanced security to keep staff and students safe, as well as to keep an eye on what happens on school grounds. Security products from Expert Security UK can aid with safeguarding and other concerns. Just take a look at our work for Woodbrook Vale School. To keep your school protected, get in touch with us to see how we can help.