Why do construction sites need to be secure?

Why do construction sites need to be secure?

In the UK, the construction industry is an essential part of the economy, offering jobs to 3.1 million people in the country - that’s over 9% of the entire workforce. 

How to secure your construction site

When it comes to construction site security, don’t leave anything to chance. Put a great security system in place to ensure the safety of your staff and equipment.

1. Make your staff aware 

Seven men stood overlooking a construction site

Alert your employees of the possible security threats to the construction site, and how to deal with a trespasser. Organise a meeting or training session to build up a good base of security knowledge and to put a system in place.  Keeping your staff onboard with safety and security precautions will make sure that if they do spot anything it is reported immediately and dealt with. 

2. Access points 

If you are able to, keep access points down to a minimum. This can help to prevent someone sneaking in through an unmanned entry or exit, as well as boosting construction site security. Having strict entries and exits can also regulate the flow of traffic and vehicles passing through the construction area - this makes it safer and less chaotic for staff. 

3. Restrict access 

Along with set entries and exits, restricting access through these points is vital too. Install temporary security bollards, barriers or employ staff to sit in security kiosks at each access point. Ensure that everyone coming in and out is authorised to be there. Setting up fences will clearly define your site’s parameters, and it will also stop people from wandering into areas they’re not allowed to enter. 

4. Use deterrents 

One CCTV camera

Employ the use of deterrents such as barbed wire on the top of fences to stop anyone climbing over, or set up some CCTV cameras. Installing cameras is a great deterrent - no one wants to be caught in the act, that’s why this is perfect for construction security. 

Why do construction sites need security? 

Two men working on a construction site

Construction sites are constantly busy, and unknown personnel may slip in unnoticed due to the big teams at work. But what are the implications of having limited security?

A major thing that construction managers will want to avoid is theft or damage. Damage to any work that has already been done can be frustrating and set the project back massively - not to mention it would delay the project and increase expenses. Likewise, if equipment is stolen, it can cost a hefty sum to replace, and again this will cause delays in progress whilst waiting for a restock. 

There is also the potential that employees may be harmed or injured if the construction site security was to be breached. That’s why it’s important to implement security measures to ensure staff do not have to face a trespasser. 

If you’re in need of a security solution for your construction site, why not have a chat with someone from our team? Contact us today and make sure that no harm comes to your site or staff.