What’s the best driveway security: bollards or gates?

What’s the best driveway security: bollards or gates?

Whatever property or house you own, you can improve your driveway security instantly with driveway bollards and driveway gates. Whether you own an incredible and luxurious car collection or have heard of an increase in break-ins in your area, there are easy ways to better secure and protect your home and vehicles. But, which should you choose, driveway bollards or gates?

What is driveway security in a nutshell?

This form of security is focused on securing and protecting the vehicles on your driveway, particularly with the use of driveway bollards. However, driveway gates offer security not only for your vehicles, but also for your home by providing an effective and secure barrier to potential burglars. Not only that, many gates for driveways can be linked to access control systems to monitor who turns up and control who can be let in. 

Pros and cons of driveway bollards


  • Can be an easy solution for small spaces
  • Less intrusive security
  • Robust and stable
  • Easy to install
  • Subtle and aesthetically pleasing with powder-coating
  • Can be easily controlled through remote control fobs
  • Come in a range of sizes to suit
  • More cost-effective solution to driveway security
  • Can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes
  • A great range to suit your preference with automatic bollards, telescopic bollards and electric bollards


  • Don’t offer a physical barrier to people 
  • No camera monitoring system
  • People can still view your property 

Pros and cons of driveway gates


  • Offer a barrier to your whole property
  • You can control who enters
  • Can link to an access control system with cameras
  • Can come in a range of sizes
  • Offer a stylish and elegant security system as you have the choice of wooden driveway gates, steel driveway gates, composite driveway gates and aluminium driveway gates
  • Help protect your property, belongings and vehicles from burglars and prying eyes
  • Robust and safe
  • Can be tailor-made with bespoke design
  • Help keep deliveries safe 


  • Installation takes slightly longer than installing bollards
  • Some can block the view of a property for those who are house-proud
  • When coming onto your driveway, you’ll have to wait slightly longer to gain access over bollards

Why do I need driveway security?

To put it simply, everyone can benefit from driveway security. It doesn’t matter whether you own one car or 10, or what size house you have, burglars and thieves take their chances on all kinds of valuables, especially when they have easy opportunities to get away. When choosing the right type of driveway security, however, there are some questions to consider:

  1. Do you have a small or large driveway? Bollards are perfectly suitable for small spaces and driveway gates can be designed and built for a range of sizes
  2. How many vehicles sit on your driveway? Maybe you have a lot of drivers in the household; installing bollards makes for quicker entrances and exits

  3. Do you own an expensive car collection? Chances are burglars will know just how valuable your vehicles are. Driveway gates are better for keeping the wrong, prying eyes off your cars, as well as protecting them from theft - both the vehicles and any valuables inside them
  4. Is your area known for suspicious activity? The truth is, it really doesn’t matter if your area is on a neighbourhood watch scheme or not, burglars are opportunistic. While they may be more likely to hunt in areas that aren’t on a scheme, any type of driveway security for all areas is worth it, but especially in areas with increased suspicious activity
  5. Do you have smart and expensive items on display, such as in your garden? Driveway gates are ideal for hiding any valuables, whether it be in your porch, garden on driveway
  6. Would you like to control who can access your property? Driveway gates are your answer, as they can link to clever access control systems 
  7. Would you like to see who wants to visit you without them being on your property first? Again, driveway gates are for you, as you can link them to cameras and access technology, so you can decide who to let in first without letting people see through your window or doors
  8. Would you rather not wait to park at your home or drive straight on your driveway? With bollards, you can simply drive straight onto your driveway before securing them in the ‘up’ position without having to wait for your driveway gate to open
  9. Are you looking for full property security to prevent burglars from entering your driveway entirely? With a driveway gate, you can provide full security as burglars cannot enter your driveway or property
  10. Are you house-proud or car-proud? Bollards offer driveway security that won’t compromise on having people be in awe of your property or vehicles. Alternatively, you can get driveway gates that don’t have to be fully opaque too
  1. Is your budget on the tighter side? Bollards are a cost-effective way to improve your driveway security instantly and are ideal for those who need to stick to a budget

No matter the size, scale or type of property, everyone can benefit from efficient, robust and elegant driveway security. By simply considering the questions above and your personal needs, you can opt for bollards or gates to help keep your home, belongings and vehicles safe and secure in no time. 

Need a chat with some experts to see which type of driveway security would be best for you? Contact Expert Security UK today. And if you’re thinking of driveway gates, why not head to our sister company - The Expert Gate Company to have a browse through all the wonderfully crafted gates we have to offer.