What are the benefits of manual arm barriers?

What are the benefits of manual arm barriers?

No matter what type of business you own, you need appropriate security measures in place to deter intruders and thieves. One of the most commonly installed security measures are security barriers, which are typically found at the entrance to car parks.

You can use either automatic barriers or manual arm barriers to prevent unauthorised access to your premises. There are many benefits to using both types of security barriers, but in this article, we’ll discuss the main advantages of manual arm barriers and why you should use them to protect your business.

1. Access control

The most obvious benefit of installing manual arm barriers is that they provide access control for your business. If you want to prevent people from accessing the premises or using your private car park as a public car park, a manual arm barrier is fantastic at deterring vehicles.

Whenever your car park isn’t in use, you can easily lower your manual car park barriers to prevent entry. Plus, if you want to keep your premises open or closed for long periods of time, you can easily lock your manual barriers in the raised or lowered position, making these barriers a great low-maintenance security solution.

2. Traffic control

Another key benefit of manual arm barriers is that they’re extremely effective for traffic control. If you’re expecting a lot of traffic on your property, a manual arm barrier is the perfect solution for managing the flow of traffic and preventing too many vehicles from entering at one time. This will prevent congestion and also improve security as you’ll be able to more easily verify who’s entering or leaving. 

3. Cost-effective

But why shouldn’t you opt for automatic car park barriers? Although automatic barriers can be more convenient, installing them will be much more expensive than installing a manual car park barrier. So, if you have a low security budget, manual arm barriers will give you the best value for money.

In addition, manual arm barriers can reduce costs by removing the need for round-the-clock security personnel. Whenever you want to restrict entry, such as at night, you can simply lock your manual security barriers in the lowered position to keep people out. Once the barriers are locked, they won’t have to be monitored constantly to ensure security.

4. No power needed

Not only will your manual arm barriers have much lower installation costs than automatic barriers, but they’ll also reduce your running costs too. Whereas automatic car park barriers need electricity to operate, manual barriers are operated entirely by hand, making them a great option for businesses with smaller security budgets or areas without easy access to electricity. So, if you’ve got a secure car park without electricity access, it’s much simpler to install manual arm barriers rather than installing automatic security barriers and new wiring.

5. Easy operation

Sometimes, simpler technologies are just more effective. With automatic barriers, you need to learn how to remotely control the mechanism, but with manual barriers, you can just move the arm by yourself as needed. 

To make them even easier to use, our manual arm barriers have a balanced design and simple pivot mechanism. Once you put the barrier into the raised or lowered position, the automatic locking system will hold it in place, while the padlock will give it extra stability. Thanks to this user-friendly design, you can start using your new manual arm barrier with confidence as soon as it’s installed.

6. Customisable

No matter your requirements, you’ll be able to install a manual barrier that perfectly fits your property. Here at Expert Security, our manual arm barriers are totally customisable. The arm lengths of our barriers range from 3 to 7 metres, which means you can choose the perfect size to fit the available space on your property.

In addition, you can change the finish of your barriers according to your preferences. Some of the most common colour combinations are red & white and black & yellow because they’re highly visible, but we have specialised colours and finishes available if you want something that will really fit in with your business.

7. Durable and long-lasting

Thanks to the sturdy construction of your new manual car park barrier, you can rest assured that it’ll continue to protect your premises for many years to come. Our manual arm barriers are made of heavy-duty steel to effectively deter burglars and intruders. Plus, our barriers have zinc-coated elements for extra durability and longevity, making these barriers an extremely long-term and cost-effective investment.

Frequently asked questions about manual arm barriers

What does a manual arm barrier do?

A manual arm barrier is a simple security barrier that can prevent access into areas such as car parks. By being locked into the raised or lowered position, manual arm barriers can offer complete access control and peace of mind.

What is the importance of a security barrier?

Security barriers (including manual arm barriers) are essential in high-security areas or areas that need to be restricted at certain times (e.g. private car parks at night). They will prevent unauthorised entries to maintain the security of a commercial building.

What is an automatic rising arm barrier?

Automatic barriers use electricity and remote control features to provide an automated point of access. The arm can be raised or lowered remotely for convenience, whereas manual barriers will need to be adjusted by hand.

What are the advantages of security barriers?

Security barriers provide access control and traffic control to prevent unauthorised access to private property (e.g. private car parks or business entrances). They’re also a very cost-effective, customisable and durable security solution.

Looking for a new commercial security solution? Here at Expert Security, we’ll conduct a full survey of your site so we can tailor your new manual arm barriers to your exact requirements. Get in touch to find out more about security barrier installation and our extensive range of security solutions.