What are bollards? And why do you need them?

What are bollards? And why do you need them?

What are bollards?

Simply put, bollards are sturdy posts that protect a specific perimeter and act as a guide to vehicles. Whichever area bollards are placed, is completely up to you. They can remain fixed upright, retract back into the ground electrically or be manually put into position. As bollards are very versatile, they can be used in all sorts of locations. Bollards are easy-to-install and even easier to maintain, making them an ideal security solution.

What are they used for?

You’ve probably already been in contact with many different types of bollards, even if you haven’t taken much notice of them. Bollards are a great way to secure your building and keep staff and customers safe, to restrict access and to control traffic. They can also be used for home security, for that added peace of mind, and to keep vehicles out of your driveway. 

What type of bollard do I need? 

Picking a bollard that’s right for you depends on a few factors:

  • Budget - How much are you willing to spend on bollard installation? There are some cheaper, cost-effective options, without fancy features but they get the job done. Or, you could go all out and purchase a remotely accessed, electric set of bollards.
  • Aesthetics - Are you wanting your bollards to blend into the area, be unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing? Then maybe sleek, metal bollards are right for you. Otherwise, concrete bollards, despite not being much to look at, have the same function. 
  • Access - Do you want to permanently restrict vehicle access, or just keep an eye on who’s coming and going? If it’s the latter, then retractable bollards are the best way forward. 

Types of bollards

There are multiple types of bollards, each offering different functions and security levels. All are durable and will withstand any weather conditions. 

Retractable metal bollards

If permanent bollards aren’t for you, then retractable ones are definitely the way to go. These metal bollards can be removed, pushed into the ground, or remotely retracted to provide access to various areas. They become flat when a vehicle needs to pass over. 

Automatic bollards

The perfect solution to modest security is automatic bollards. These posts will retract to offer easy access at whatever time you choose, ideal for busy areas such as hospital car parks or retail areas. With a strong and robust exterior, these automated posts can work quickly and efficiently at any pace you choose. Fitted with LED lights, they’re even visible at night. Automatic bollards are great if your site has a lot of regular traffic passing through.

Electric bollards

Don’t have enough space for an electric gate? Use electric bollards instead! Cost-effective and easy on the eyes, you’ll have wished you installed them years ago. Also known as driveway bollards, these electric wonders are great at restricting vehicle access to properties and buildings in lower traffic areas. They may be small, but they’re definitely mighty, and they’re easily operated with a remote control system. 

Telescopic bollards 

These simple and easy-to-use bollards are a quick and effective solution for securing your property. Fully retractable, telescopic bollards can be manually locked into an upright position when needed, or be pushed below ground when they are not. A perfect security addition to your car park or shop front. 

Embedded bollards 

Wanting a bollard that’s not going anywhere anytime soon? Then take a look at embedded bollards. As they’re buried deep into the ground by foundations such as concrete, steel or dirt, some will be stronger than others depending on the chosen foundation.  

Concrete bollards

Made of concrete rather than metal, these bollards are probably the most common. We’ve all seen a concrete bollard at some time or another, and there’s a reason for this; they’re very robust and do their job well. The downside is that they do their job so well that there’s no budging them, and crashing into them will result in a lot of damage to your vehicle and little damage to the bollards themselves. 

Surface-mounted bollards

This variation of a bollard is very common, mainly because they are relatively cheap and easy-to-install. Unlike other types of bollards, these have no underground foundations and are simply attached to the floor; due to this, they are not as robust as other bollards. They can come in all forms - plastic, metal and rebounding - but it is probably only the rebounding that will act as a proper security measure. 

Rebounding bollards

As bollards go, the rebounding variety is relatively new. When they’re hit they absorb the impact with the clever use of energy absorption technology and tilt. Due to it being on a spring, this bollard can return to an upright position quickly. The best thing about these bollards is the lack of damage they do to vehicles, unlike concrete bollards which have no flexibility at all. 

Why do we need bollards?

Using bollards to secure your premises is a very popular form of security, and it’s a very simple one at that. Many businesses either can’t afford large security gates or don’t have the space available to have them fitted. So, bollards have become a cheaper, popular alternative to protecting your property from unauthorised vehicle access.

Installing bollards

Our team has years of experience installing bollards; it’s fast, simple, and won’t take up too much of your time. We will also show you how to use your equipment effectively; that way, you’ll never miss out on the benefits of bollard usage. 

How to look after bollards

Bollards basically look after themselves, but sometimes they need a bit of TLC. That’s why we offer system maintenance on all of our products. With two scheduled checks every year, your bollards will receive the attention they deserve. We will also give you a 12 month guarantee, so if anything goes wrong we’ll be there for you. 

If you’re interested in installing bollards on your premises, or are just wanting to see if they’re right for you, contact us today.