The best ways to keep a school site secure

The best ways to keep a school site secure

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How to keep a school’s site secure

Parents trust that their children will be properly educated when they go to school, but they also expect them to be safe and well-looked after. Failure to do so can result in many internal issues and may cause harm to the students. Keeping a school site secure is vital, and it is not something to be taken lightly. We have put together a list of the best ways to protect a school so that no student, staff or property has to suffer the consequences. 

1. Protect the perimeter

Security starts from the outside in, and that’s why a school needs to have a solid perimeter. It is beneficial to have fences around the school building, but as this is not always possible, there are other ways to secure the site. Installing car park barriers to regulate the flow of traffic and to check who is coming in and out is a great security measure. Bollards are also useful for creating a boundary between pedestrians and vehicles - this way you can protect students and staff from accidents. An alternative perimeter protector is a security gate - this will block any unauthorised personnel from entering the school.

2. Protocols and drills

Make sure that all staff members and students know exactly what to do in an emergency. Fire drills and pretend protocols should be done monthly to see whether any additional training is needed. 

3. Fire and smoke alarms

It may seem like an obvious point, but installing fire and smoke alarms all over your school site is vital and is required by law. However, the levels of fire alarm systems to choose from can differ and it is important to select an alarm that is appropriate for the needs of your school building. 

4. Deterrents

Make your site look secure. High fences, security gates and CCTV are a good choice when it comes to visual deterrents. Burglar or security alarms are also popular, especially if these alarms have some sort of signage to show that they’ve been installed. Burglars are less likely to attempt a break in if they see these sorts of deterrents. CCTV should also be used to keep an eye on the perimeter and the goings on around the school.

5. Lock up

Leaving a door or window unlocked, and unattended, is a big mistake. No matter how much security you have, if someone slips in through an unlocked window, your school security is quickly breached. Alert teachers, cleaners, and anyone else who is granted access to the building, about the seriousness of locking up. This will prevent any mishaps. 

6. Restricted entry

Provide both staff and students with a unique pass, or keycode, to gain access into the school building. If there is a cover teacher, or someone visiting the school, give them a visitor pass or code that will grant them temporary access during their visit. Ensure that all visitors are monitored and that there is a log of who has visited the school. It is still important to have other security measures in place in the event that someone steals a student pass or code. 

7. Extra student protection

Unfortunately, students can also be responsible for crime. Providing every student with a locker means they have a safe place to store their valuables, giving them that well needed peace of mind. If your school has had a problem with knife crime in the past, metal detectors can be added to all entries to protect students and staff. Keeping tabs on behavioural issues can prevent any violent outbursts from pupils as well, and there should also be a counsellor available to help the kids who need it.

Looking for more information? We recommend also reading the government’s advice on school site security to ensure that you’re completely clued up. If you’re looking for a new security system, we are always happy to help. Whatever the sector, get in touch with our team today for professional advice.