8 signs you need to repair your electric gate

8 signs you need to repair your electric gate

Industrial gates and driveway gates are an effective way to keep your property secure from the outside. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, electric gates need proper maintenance in order to work properly. If you’re not sure what signs to look out for, here are eight signs that you need to repair your electric gate.

1. Worn appearance

Electric gates, such as sliding security gates, are often made from aluminium or steel. Although crafted from a strong and durable material, electric gates may be prone to rusting after long periods of use. Small spots of rust are often treatable with a quick sanding, but larger build ups may become an issue. If your gate is amassing a lot of rust, it may be a sign to call in for repairs. 

2. Unusual noises

A good quality electric gate should work smoothly and silently, helping your business to run as smoothly as possible. If your gate is making sounds, you may need to check it out. A beeping sound often indicates a problem with the battery, and it may need changing or repairing. A rattling or whirring sound could indicate faulty mechanisms or debris stuck in the tracks. It’s better to call out a specialist to take a look at your gate, to avoid injury or further damage to your gate.

3. Not opening and/or closing properly

It may seem pretty obvious, but if your gate isn’t opening or closing as it should do, then it’s definitely due for a repair. The main purpose of an electric gate is to open smoothly and close securely, so if either of these aren’t happening, there is an issue. Call out your gate manufacturer or maintenance company to take a look at your gate and keep your premises secure.

4. Misalignment

Over time, an electric gate may become misaligned due to hinges being worn out over time. This is pretty easy to look out for, as you’ll notice that your gate is not aligned properly. It’s best to get this problem fixed as soon as possible, as the more misaligned the gate gets, the less effectively it will operate. Schedule your gate for a repair as soon as you notice misalignment to prevent this issue from escalating and avoid more problems as a result.

5. Sensors not working correctly

Electric gate sensors detect whether there’s an obstacle in the way, and will stop the gate from moving if there is. This is incredibly important for safety reasons, as it avoids people, animals, and objects from being crushed by the gate. Damaged sensors can result in extensive damage to your car and could cause injury, too. So, if you notice an electric gate sensor acting up, call a maintenance expert immediately.

6. Delayed response

A delayed response from your electric gate upon opening or closing is a clear sign that a repair is needed. If you find yourself waiting even a few extra seconds for your gate to respond, this is still a sign that something isn’t quite right. Your gate should be serviced if it’s responding slower than usual, and it’s better to solve the problem sooner rather than later.

7. Opening or closing without instruction

A malfunctioning electric gate may open and close by itself, which is obviously not great for safety or security purposes. If your electric gate is operating without being instructed to, there may be something triggering the sensors. Alternatively, this could mean a more serious electrical problem, in which case a repair is needed immediately. Either way, if your electric gate is operating without your instruction, this is a sign that it needs to be repaired. 

8. Moving slowly or stiffly

Over time, your electric gate may start to move slower or less smoothly than it did initially. Although this is normal wear and tear, it can become an issue as the gate deteriorates. A stiff gate can put more pressure on the motor, in turn causing more serious damage than necessary. If your gate becomes stiff, it’s best to get it repaired to keep your whole gate running smoothly.

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