How to improve construction site security

How to improve construction site security

Construction sites present numerous risks to health and safety if the correct security measures aren’t taken, from deterring thieves and trespassers to locking up dangerous equipment. There are plenty of methods you can use to eradicate any potential risks, and improve your workplace efficiency in the process. 

Securing the perimeter

Prevent any unwanted visitors snooping around the premises with pedestrian access gates or sliding security gates, designed to limit access in a controlled manner. This will significantly reduce the risk of trespassing and equipment theft, by only allowing visitors in at certain times of the day. You can adapt these measures to fit your business needs; for example, a site that requires round-the-clock security may benefit more from a fully automatic gate. For additional safety, be sure to put up signs that highlight these restricted areas. 

Surveillance system

Keep your construction site under watch at all times with a 24/7 CCTV system, designed to deter any unauthorised entries and prevent criminal activity. Many high risk working environments will be protected by security guards, but people can be devious and discover sneaky ways to carry out crime. Complete with additional signs to show that an area is equipped with CCTV, the thought of increased visibility is guaranteed to put off trespassers. 

Illuminate the site

Thieves always prefer carrying out crime in the dark, so make sure to keep your working environment well lit when the day transitions into night. Due to the dangerous nature of construction equipment and machines, it’s also important to provide an appropriate level of lighting to carry out tasks safely. Before installation, it’s wise to create a lighting plan. Sketch out your project area and determine the positioning, light intensity, the main obstructions that require illumination and the type of lighting you wish to use. 

Authorised access

To avoid cybersecurity threats, ensure that any sensitive files and data are stored securely. Security methods, such as cloud based access control and biometric fingerprint recognition, use modern technology to limit access, allowing for strict monitoring and strengthened security. 

You could also restrict access on entrance to your construction site through a gate intercom system, using quad-band mobile phone technology to not only answer calls, but to control the locking system from any location. 

Lock up your equipment

Construction site theft is an extremely costly issue and it’s becoming more frequent too, with reports revealing that there was a massive 50% increase in 2020. To combat this, be sure to keep storage units locked at all times to prevent a break in. This is another reason why sketching a plan of your site is a good idea, so that you can apply best security practices to the areas that require the most protection. In the unfortunate event that theft should happen, be sure to notify local authorities straight away. 

If you’re looking to enhance your construction site’s security, have a chat with our team of professionals today. There’s a variety of systems to choose from to match your business needs, and you need not worry about the installation procedure or maintenance cover - we can take care of that, too.