16 best places to hide Easter eggs from your kids

16 best places to hide Easter eggs from your kids

It’s coming up to that time where the Easter bunny hops out to spread some joy, and what a great time it is for kids. Egg hunts can be fun for all the family, so we’ve rounded up the 16 best places to hide Easter eggs from your kids around your home and property. Whether they’re chocolate eggs or normal ones that you’ve painted, there are so many places to hide them to set your kids up for a brilliant Easter egg hunt.

1. Hide them in ornaments

Every home has ornaments, quirky artistic pieces or figurines that are unique to the household. These can be perfect hiding places for small eggs if they’re big enough to have something inside, or they can make for fun and creative clues!

2. The fridge and freezer

These are great places to hide eggs, as they’re not immediately obvious! Also, you won’t have to worry about them melting. Again, it could also be a clue; you may give a funny hint using a condiment that’s in the fridge it may be hidden behind. It just depends on how old and tall your children are, so they can access the top part. 

3. The garden

Easter and spring time means more time in the garden, and it’s the perfect spot for an egg hunt. Popular spots to hide eggs (for chocolate, decide on that day’s temperature) are next to, inside or behind garden gnomes or statues. Whether you have a cute little garden statue or sign, you could place an egg near them for a fun hiding place. 

For normal eggs, or protected Easter eggs, you could bury them in a patch in your garden, not too deep, of course, but just enough to hide them; make your family do a little digging challenge - dig for treasure! Always make sure your family’s safe; driveway gates are perfect for keeping kids more secure when in the garden. 

4. Amongst their teddies and toys

A great way to give clues is by hiding eggs with your children’s favourite toys and teddies. Maybe their teddy has a pocket or there could be a tea party set up with an egg for a snack. Kids will love rooting around their toys to find the next clue and Easter egg!

5. The wardrobe

The wardrobe: a wondrous place, if you’re a fan of the Narnia tales. Kids will love the idea of looking into a wardrobe to find any hidden goodies. You could even make a cute little display inside of a little world going on, inspired by the Narnia story and tie it all into your clue. 

6. Under the bed

A brilliant hiding place is, of course, under the bed. You could even make it funnier by placing your children’s toys underneath the bed along with the egg to be hunted down. 

7. Shoes

For your little eggs, a great hiding place is in shoes. Just make sure they’re not in ones your kids will be wearing that day, or maybe hide them in your own shoes instead! 

8. Inside pockets

Maybe you can hide some mini eggs inside the pockets of your children’s clothes and have them start the hunt by getting them to get dressed and encourage them to check their pockets. 

9. Drawers and cupboards

The drawers and cupboards are perfect hiding spots because you can use the items you have stored away. From containers to pots and pans, these all make great hiding places for eggs. 

10. Toilet roll holder

A clever little hiding spot is in the toilet roll holder: perfect for slotting in smaller eggs. It will certainly take beady eyes to spot these! 

11. The shed or garage

Depending on the age of the kids, you could hide Easter eggs around the garage and shed. Just make sure there aren’t any dangerous tools in reach or hazards nearby.

12. Plant pots

Whether inside or in the gardens, plant pots are lovely little hiding places for eggs. You may leave them on show or buried slightly, it’s up to you!

13. Pencil case

Small eggs can fit perfectly in pencil cases, and with kids, there’s bound to be some lying around, surely? “Clue: This egg is on the case of writing up a story!” 

14. Behind a photo frame

Using memories and photos is a great way to engage children, and they work brilliantly for an egg hunt. 

15. Inside a cake

This one is ideal for a chocolate egg to be hidden inside; you might want to get creative with surprise cake recipes. Maybe it could be the final one to find. What a nice, yummy surprise this one can be. 

16. The fruit bowl

Hiding an egg amongst the fruit is a great idea. You’ll be making a good hiding spot for the egg hunt, as well as reminding the kids about those all important one-of-your-five-a-day foods. 

We’re sure you can think of some more Easter egg hunt hiding places, but we hope this list helps with planning a truly fun day for the event! Whatever your plans are at home for Easter, we at Expert Security hope you stay safe and protected. If you have any queries about how to keep your property more secure, don’t hesitate to contact us