A full workplace security guide checklist

A full workplace security guide checklist

The benefits of workplace security

The one thing that every business has in common is the desire to make staff feel safe at all times. Implementing workplace security policies and addressing health and safety concerns carries several benefits, as proven by various case studies, revealing a reduction in employee incidence rates, insurance premiums and absences. 

When making workplace safety a top priority, you should begin by sketching out a map of your site to see where it may be useful to implement additional security methods. Once you’ve done this, you can start putting a workplace security guide checklist in place. Luckily, we’ve done that bit for you.

Secure entrances and exits

Stop trespassers in their tracks by keeping entrances and exits secure. Feel rest assured that you’re in complete control of who enters your building through industrial gate installation, providing unmatched, easy-to-operate security. From bi-folding security gates to manual sliding gates, there are plenty of designs out there to prevent the risk of external threats. 

It’s just as important to keep the inside of your office as secure as it is on the outside, so be sure to check that windows and doors are locked at the end of each day. Locking the doors, or installing access control systems (we’ll explain more about this method in little while), provide additional security, ensuring that important files, documents and equipment are kept safe. 

Car park safety

For unwanted visitors, accessing the car park will be the start of a long string of unfortunate events. This will be the first point of their journey on entrance into the building, so it’s vital that car parks are deemed just as potentially unsafe as an inside door left unlocked. So, how can you go about securing the area? You may decide to opt for the simple, yet effective, automatic car park barrier, allowing for authorised members of staff to both enter and exit with ease. Of course, this can be built in with an access control system for optimum workplace security. 

Security bollards and parking posts serve a similar purpose to car park barriers, providing a robust system that aims to heighten workplace safety. These also act as an effective deterrent for criminal activity at night, so you can be rest assured that your work premises are protected from unauthorised vehicles at all times. 

Video surveillance

Commercial CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular, acting as your businesses’ all seeing eyes. Using high definition cameras paired with advanced video analytics, these high-tech surveillance systems are the future of workplace security. CCTV cameras can detect anything from loitering behavior to something moving across a line, plus criminals are considerably less likely to carry out a crime when noticing that they’re in view. 

Your CCTV camera placement is just as important, so be sure to map out your working environment carefully to reveal high-risk spots and consider the best positioning and lighting. 

Access control

Access control systems are now becoming an essential part of the modern workplace security checklist. This method of security provides protection against unauthorised personnel whilst enabling you to effortlessly keep track of your staff’s entrances and exits. There are plenty of access control systems available too, from the simple yet effective mobile operated GSM intercom setup for security on the go, to the advanced biometric fingerprint recognition system

Reinforcing security guidelines

It goes without saying that communicating your security guidelines with members of staff is an essential step to maintaining workplace safety. Let them know what they should do in case of emergency, and inform them of how to safely operate each security system (if they can be granted access). By being completely transparent with your members of staff and keeping them aware of the potential risks, it’s much easier to maintain a security culture.
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