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How to manage traffic in an organised way

If your property often sees lots of vehicles passing through or parking up, then managing traffic should be a concern. This is essential for keeping everyone safe – both drivers and pedestrians. Traffic management on the whole is often taken care of by the council and local authorities. However, if you want to reduce congestion and improve the safety and security of your site, then consider these steps for managing traffic. Continue reading to learn how to manage traffic in an organised way.

Car park barriers

Car park barriers are great for managing traffic entering and exiting your car park. Automatic car park barriers can be paired with an access control system to only allow access to authorised vehicles. This can help to reduce overall traffic flow through certain areas, as well as enhancing your site’s security. They can also provide height limits for certain vehicles, ensuring that the only vehicles entering your property are ones that you are equipped for.

It’s worth mentioning that – despite the name – car park barriers can be used to manage traffic flow in areas other than a car park. They can act as security barriers to control traffic trying to access your property, meaning only authorised vehicles can pass through. Not only does this make traffic management easier by reducing the number of vehicles on site, but it also means you’re only responsible for managing staff and visitors.

Road blockers

Road blockers are a useful tool for managing traffic on site as well as improving security. Road blockers are able to quickly deny access to unauthorised vehicles, but can also withdraw to let vehicles pass. For most businesses, an automatic rising kerb barrier is sufficient for controlling traffic. These road blockers can help to reduce congestion more efficiently than traditional gates, as they can encourage constant traffic flow, only preventing access when an unauthorised vehicle is detected. 

If you are managing traffic for an industry with exceptional security demands, such as a military or government building, then hostile vehicle mitigation systems are a way to control traffic when there is also the risk of security threats. Whilst still providing access for authorised personnel, these blockers can be activated within seconds to stop hostile vehicles in their tracks. They’re great for high traffic areas where traditional access control may cause congestion, but there is still a strong need for security.


Bollards are extremely helpful for managing traffic in small spaces, as they take up very little room. If you need to define different areas for vehicles to move within, then bollards can be used to create and organise zones. These save more space than gates, as they are much smaller and don’t need to open outwards into a wider space. They also give you more freedom with controlling traffic, as you can switch up the bollards that you activate in order to create different routes and boundaries.

Bollards fit perfectly into the floor when retracted, meaning that vehicles can easily pass over them. For a high traffic area, automatic bollards are the best option as they provide minimal interruption to daily activities and traffic flow. Electric bollards are more suited to less busy areas which are only needed by a few vehicles. These bollards could be placed along the boundary between a road and a driveway, providing a space-saving access point that still allows for the normal flow of traffic.

Industrial gates

Industrial gates are one of the best ways of cordoning off different traffic routes, as well as controlling access to your property. There are many different styles of industrial gate, including sliding, bi-folding, industrial, and manual sliding gates. The style of gate that’s best suited for controlling traffic on your site will depend on the size, location and how busy your premises gets. 

Industrial gates help to safely control traffic, with warnings for vehicles to keep their distance and built-in sensors to prevent gates from closing on an object, person or vehicle. They’re a great solution for businesses who may have lots of different visitors, as industrial gates are easily seen and understood by those who may not be familiar with your property.

Knowing how to manage traffic on your commercial property is important for the security of your business and the safety of those on site. If you want traffic flow on your property to be more streamlined and efficient, consider one of the many products we have to offer. Get in touch with us to find out more.