How to improve bricks-and-mortar security

How to improve bricks-and-mortar security

As a business - no matter the sector or niche - staff, customers and assets need to be looked after, which can be a juggling act to say the least. You may have learned about how to protect your business from cyberattacks, but have you reviewed your bricks-and-mortar security as of late?

What do we mean by bricks and mortar?

Simply put, bricks and mortar refers to physically accessible businesses and retail shops, as opposed to online visits through a website, hence the term describing typical building materials. And as a business owner, having your own premises means always thinking about your business security, so let’s look at the top ways in which you can improve your bricks-and-mortar security.

Security guards and kiosks

Depending on your business and premises, you may benefit hugely from security kiosks to monitor who enters and exits, as well as generally keeping a very close eye on certain areas. Security technology is highly valuable, but so can be human surveillance, especially if certain situations require human intervention and the need for security guards. With security kiosks, guards get robust cabins with all the amenities they will need to carry out their duties effectively.

Commercial gates

One of the main priorities for a business’s security should be access control, for both vehicles and personnel. Commercial gates can come in a range of types, from bi-folding and automatic sliding to manual sliding and automatic swing. With industrial gates, you can rely on advanced technology to keep your staff and visitors safe, like flashing beacons, resistive safety edges, infra-red protocols, safety loops, and warning signs.

Access control

Businesses can be hectic day in, day out, and so it can be a lifesaver to have intelligent access control systems in place. What do these look like exactly? It’s simply about keeping unauthorised personnel out of your site with staff entry and exit management through the use of number plate recognition, intercoms, biometric fingerprint recognition, key access control, and VOLO cloud-based technologies. 


Modern surveillance systems can offer more than just visual recordings. For instance, you can get internet protocol-based CCTV, ANPR cameras, high-definition, and video analytics that allow for facial and behaviour recognition.

Anti-terrorism and road security

Particularly suited for high-profile premises or those that are at a higher risk of being targeted for terrorist attacks, anti-terrorism security - like highly robust crash-tested road blockers and crash bollards - can be installed to withstand potential heavy impact. 

Car park security

There are various security measures you can put in place for your business’s car parks like security bollards, car park barriers and car park management systems. Impact-tested commercial bollards can be installed to add another layer of security to your premises. 

Anti-theft technology

For retail shops, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and anti-theft sensors are extremely effective, as they help to protect merchandise and deter thieves. With security tags and labels on merchandise, potential thieves will be instantly deterred knowing that alarms will go off upon them being detected leaving the premises.

Deterring warning signs

Even simple signage can go a long way in helping protect your business. Friendly warnings that people are on camera (whether they are or not) can be very effective to remind visitors or customers, and even staff, that they’re being filmed can act as a great crime deterrent. 

If you’re looking to uplevel your bricks-and-mortar security or to simply add another layer of security to your premises and assets, then you’re in the right place here at Expert Security UK. Contact our experienced and friendly team today to see what we can do for your business.