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How to control pedestrian flow in a commercial space

Pedestrian flow is an important factor to consider when designing commercial spaces, especially if the property is frequently busy. Poor control over pedestrian flow can result in long queues or even accidents, and it can negatively affect your workplace’s efficiency. Not to mention, after multiple COVID lockdowns, commercial spaces have had to consider social distancing as a factor. Read on for the best ways to control pedestrian flow in a commercial space.

Use turnstiles

Turnstiles are ideal for managing the flow of pedestrian traffic, as well as implementing further security measures. Full-height turnstiles provide a safe and efficient way for a high volume of people to pass in and out of your commercial space. Turnstiles allow only one person to pass through at a time, meaning you can control large crowds from entering your property. Waist-high turnstiles also make a great alternative to the full-height ones, as they’re able to fit in smaller spaces and could be used indoors.

Pedestrian speed lanes are the perfect solution for commercial spaces with limited access, for example, a gym. Having speed lanes means that pedestrians can only access a space if they have the correct smart card. Pedestrian speed lanes do a great job at keeping out strangers or potential security threats, and with a pass speed of 40 persons per minute, they’ll keep pedestrian traffic flowing smoothly. 

If your commercial space is particularly concerned about the threat of Coronavirus, then Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition Speed Lanes can help. These speed lanes detect the temperature of a person and also use facial recognition for an access control solution that’s completely contact-free, and allows access based on a person’s health as well as their authorisation.

Install industrial gates

Industrial gates are one of the best security solutions for preventing trespassers from entering your site. Not only do they keep out vehicles, they mean that unauthorised pedestrians are also unable to access places that you don’t want them to. Not only do electric industrial gates keep out intruders, they’re also incredibly safe for use around pedestrians. They feature infra-red protocols which can sense when there’s an object in the gate’s path, and they will not close on a vehicle, person or object. Plus, they are built with resistive safety edges to minimise damage and injury if an accident did occur. If you have an area of your commercial space that’s not open to the public, then putting an industrial gate in place makes it clear that pedestrians should not attempt to enter through. This is great for keeping pedestrian flow in the areas and directions that you want it to be. 

Implement plenty of bollards

Bollards are an effective way of signalling the borders or outskirts of a property, as well as marking out clear routes for pedestrians. Telescopic bollards mean that you can keep vehicles away from pedestrian areas of your commercial space whilst still allowing pedestrians to have free access. Not only does this keep pedestrians safe from vehicles, but it means that potential customers know that your property is still open. If you choose to implement bollards in your commercial space, be sure to read our complete guide to bollard maintenance.

Access control

A reliable and convenient access control system will help you to control pedestrian flow in a commercial space. There are different types of access control, but they all serve the purpose of keeping out unauthorised pedestrians whilst still allowing access to staff. Having an access control system in place means that pedestrians will remain within the areas that you want them to. And, employees or authorised visitors will be able to easily access the premises. Discover which access control system is right for your business.

Make good use of your reception space

If your commercial space has a reception or other site office area, then pedestrians should be clearly directed here. By ensuring that pedestrians report to a specified area, they can then be directed to where they need to go. This prevents any confusion and reduces the chances of visitors getting lost on your property. It might sound simple, but encouraging pedestrians to first visit your reception area will allow you to control the full route that visitors take on your site.

No matter the security demands of your commercial space, Expert Security UK has an array of security solutions. From anti-terrorism measures to car park management systems, you can keep your property safe and secure. Contact us to find out more.