The best tips for protecting your retail business

The best tips for protecting your retail business

How to protect your retail business

Protecting your retail business from theft and damage is vital for the safety of your property, as well as your staff. No one wants to find that stock is missing or unaccounted for, and that’s why we’ve put together a few helpful tips to ensure your retail business is safe and sound round the clock.

1. Shoplifting policies

the inside of a shopping centre

Ensuring your staff know exactly how to proceed with shoplifters is the best way to deal with theft. Providing the proper training and putting strict shoplifting policies in place means that your store will be protected against thieves. 


multiple security cameras on a grey wall

Keep an eye on your store around the clock with security cameras - one of the best burglar deterrents you can utilise. Burglars, thieves, kleptomaniacs or whoever happens to wind up in your store will be put off by cameras watching over them. Place your CCTV in obvious areas, especially in blind spots - this might include entrances, exits or car parks, as well as inside the store.

Make sure to check the footage from cameras daily, or assign someone to watch over them constantly if shoplifting has become an issue in your store. This footage can then be used as evidence in the event of shoplifting. 

3. Lock up or tag items

Investing in a glass case to lock away expensive items is a great theft deterrent. It also means that you can keep track of what is taken out of the cabinet. Otherwise, tagging items so that they set off security gates is another amazing way to protect your business. 

5. Security guards

Alongside tagging items, employing security guards to manage the entrances and exits of your store is very beneficial. Not only will this take the pressure off of the floor staff, but it'll persuade people not to try stealing from your shop. Security guards will be able to act fast in an emergency, protecting the premises when you can’t be there to.  

5. Stock taking

inside a clothing store

Tracking what is sold throughout the week is a major part of protection for any retail business. Ensure that you keep up with this task to see whether any stock has gone missing. Sadly, both employees and customers alike can steal from retail stores, so keep tabs on your stock.

6. Optimise your layout

Creating a well-thought out layout will not only help to keep your store organised, but it will also protect your business. Having smaller displays, or rails, will allow your staff to have a clear view of the shop, meaning all customers can be accounted for. Install mirrors around blind spots and increase the lighting inside your business - this will make it easier to observe those within the store. 

7. Monitor changing rooms

For shoplifters, using changing rooms to stash items is very popular, but you can stop this from happening. Have a staff member monitor each changing room in your store; this way, you can be sure that no one is coming out with less than they went in with. Put a number system in place too, so the changing room attendant knows how many items each person went in with. Simple things like this will definitely help to protect your retail business from any losses. 

8. Car park security

Managing the exterior of your business is just as important as the interior. With car park barriers in operation, you can check who is coming and going throughout the day. Whether it’s automatic or manual barriers that you’re after, protecting the outside of your store is key. 

Wondering what else you can do to ensure the safety of your retail business? We can help with all of your store protection needs. Contact us today to find the best security solution for your business.