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4 benefits of turnstile entry points for your business

Keeping your business safe is essential for protecting property, equipment and most importantly – the people on site. That’s why choosing the right business security systems is a decision that should be taken seriously. Our guide will discuss everything you need to know about using access turnstiles to make your business operate safely and efficiently.

What are turnstiles?

Turnstiles are a type of gate that allows access to one person at a time. They come in a variety of styles, all of which are perfect for different situations and businesses. The main types of turnstiles are:

  • Full Height Turnstiles
  • Pedestrian Access Gates
  • Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition Speed Lanes
  • Pedestrian Speed Lanes
  • Waist Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles

Full height turnstiles are tall, durable gates used to control pedestrian flow in a commercial space. Due to their large size, they also reinforce existing industrial gates and fences by strengthening property boundaries and access points.

Pedestrian Access Gates

Pedestrian access gates are a versatile security model that can operate manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatic. They can be customised to include different locking mechanisms, materials, and any other features your business would benefit from. This style of turnstile is amazing for protecting a retail business or keeping a school site secure.

Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition Speed Lanes

Temperature detection & facial recognition speed lanes are primarily used for keeping staff and visitors safe from infections and disease. They use precise temperature detection to measure a person’s body temperature, which can indicate whether they are an infection risk. Dynamic facial recognition also ensures that access is only granted to authorised personnel.

Pedestrian Speed Lanes

Pedestrian speed lanes help to slow heavy pedestrian traffic into busy properties. They’re a cost-effective way to control pedestrian traffic, keeping authorised personnel moving into and out of your property at a safe speed.

Waist Height Turnstiles

Waist height turnstiles are a space-saving turnstile option perfect for all sorts of commercial spaces. From office buildings to train stations, they slow traffic and help with access control.

What are turnstiles used for?

Turnstiles can be used for many different reasons, which can all help your business run smoothly. The main uses for turnstiles are:

  1. Improving security
  2. Controlling access to certain areas
  3. Managing crowds and pedestrian traffic
  4. Deterring crime from your business

To learn more about these uses for turnstiles, keep reading below, as we run through the four main benefits of using turnstiles for your business.

4 benefits of controlled access turnstiles

Now that you have an idea about the different types of turnstiles and what they are used for, let’s dive into the benefits of using controlled access turnstiles for your business.

1. More security

All types of turnstiles will upgrade your business’ security measures. By managing the flow of people on your site, you will be able to prevent stampedes and keep everyone safe. When combined with other measures like security kiosks and commercial CCTV systems, you can have full control over the security of your workplace. For more guidance on keeping your business completely safe and secure, take a look at our full workplace security checklist.

2. Upgrade your access control

Access control means that all areas of your business are protected from unauthorised access. Whether securing the main entrance to your property or guarding certain areas that contain sensitive data, an access control system means only the right people can get through. Turnstiles work alongside an access control system to help you manage how people move around the premises. If you would like to learn which access control system is right for your business, read our handy guide.

3. Control pedestrian traffic flow

Busy areas may see huge pedestrian traffic, especially around the access points to your business. By installing pedestrian turnstiles, you will be able to minimise queues and reduce the risks of overcrowding. This will overhaul the efficiency of how people move around your business, meaning it’s safe, quick and easy for the right people to enter and exit the premises. If this is a large concern for your business, take a look at our guide to what you need to know about crowd management, for advice on upping your security and managing traffic flow.

4. Deter crime

Any form of security system will act as a deterrent for burglars, whether it makes your property harder to break into or acts as a visual deterrent. As we mention in this guide, visual security systems are one of the best ways to deter burglars from your workplace. When paired with tall industrial gates, full-height turnstiles can make your business look like an impenetrable fortress to trespassers and thieves, keeping your site safe from criminals.

Is your business ready to benefit from enhanced security, traffic management, and overall efficiency? Contact Expert Security UK to make your business safer than ever, with straightforward security system installation that causes minimal disruption to everyday business.