The benefits of driveway gates

The benefits of driveway gates

Ever walked past a house and marvelled at its driveway? Maybe it had super stylish driveway gates that had you feeling green? If you’re considering updating your home and driveway security, but just need some extra persuading to push you to that next step, let Expert Security UK take you through all the brilliant benefits of driveway gates!

Complements your home’s architecture

Driveway gates are incredibly stylish today and come in a range of aesthetic options, so there’s bound to be a gate that fits your property’s architectural design and requirements. They can give your home a touch of class whilst giving onlookers a beautiful impression. And increased security, of course!

Deters burglars

The main job of a driveway gate is to keep burglars out, and that it does. Lurking thieves have no access to your property to spy or pry. That means no peering through windows, checking locks, snooping through gardens or peeking into your vehicles. A robust driveway gate stops them right at the start of your property and driveway. Not only that, it will do an excellent job of deterring burglars from putting your home on their list, as if you’ve made the effort to get driveway gates and better your driveway security, the chances are you’ve taken some precautions indoors, too. 

Puts off scammers

Paired with access control options, a driveway gate is excellent for discouraging scammers or door-to-door con men. If they know they’re on camera or video, they’re less likely to try your door - or rather, protective gate. No scammer wants to be caught on camera, especially if they may get found out by the person of the property they’re calling on or from neighbourhood chats. Also, by not actually being able to knock on your door, you can stop them from even getting onto your property, especially when you sense something fishy. 

Improves privacy

With opaque driveway gates, you can improve your overall privacy tenfold. If you’re not interested in showing off your property’s exterior, you can benefit in more privacy, whilst showing off an impressive driveway gate instead. Prying eyes are blocked from viewing your vehicles and the inside of your home.

Adds value to your property

Not only can having a driveway gate be eye-catching to potential buyers, a driveway gate with an automatic opening feature can potentially increase the property’s value. If any of your plans change or it’s time to sell, the immediate vision of driveway gates is going to attract more interest and buyers, putting your property at the forefront of their minds. 

Vehicles are better protected

Thieves don’t get a look in with a driveway gate. Not only does it stop trespassers, but it stops anyone from getting access to your vehicles to steal. This is especially important for those of you with enviable car collections. 

They can be bespoke

Gates can be specifically tailored to match a property owner’s exact requirements. All that’s needed is an onsite assessment from an expert surveyor with complete understanding of what you need and the style you desire. Whether you love the wooden gate look to match your architecture, aluminium or a steel, driveway gates can be made with bespoke designs and come in various materials.

Control over who enters your property

With intercoms and surveillance, you can see who exactly is calling and can communicate with them without them entering your property. That means you get to decide whether to ignore, communicate you’re not interested, warn them, or let them in. For instance, if you’ve heard from the neighbourhood about a bogus charity collector or door-to-door salesperson, you can ask who they are, what their intention is, along with identity and a visual of how they are dressed. If you have been warned and told about their appearance, you can simply ignore or, if they’re a scammer, you can inform them you know and will report them. 

Helps with deliveries and reducing contact

You can make special notes for delivery drivers in shopping accounts with gate codes, so they can leave your parcels in a safe place behind your driveway gate without you having to collect items yourself or having to wait longer for delivery reattempts. It also helps with reducing contact, as if you are in, you can simply allow deliverers to place parcels on your driveway, before locking the gate again, whilst you wait before collecting them to help with reducing transmission of germs.

Keeps your family and pets safer

Another great thing about a driveway gate is keeping your pets and children safe. For instance, you needn’t worry about your dogs getting carried away and running off. You can instead be reassured that they’re locked in, being able to play in the garden safely and securely. It’s the same for children, you can rely on robust driveway gates to keep your family safe and away from strangers or the dangers of the road.

Gives you peace of mind

All in all, a driveway gate simply gives you peace of mind. The combination of extra protection, privacy, security and style will leave your sanctuary crossed off burglars’ lists. Knowing you have complete control over who can enter your property will help you rest easier and give your whole family more peace of mind.

So, if you were already thinking about upgrading your home with driveway security, this may have twisted your arm. But, if you still need a little more info, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team or head to our sister company, who also specialise in driveway gates - The Expert Gate Company