A full car park security checklist

A full car park security checklist

Keeping your car park safe and secure should always be incorporated into your workplace security guide checklist, ensuring that the outside of your building is kept just as protected as the inside. This will often be the first point of entry for criminals or trespassers, so consistently improving your car park security is a guaranteed deterrent. 

Car park barriers

So, how do car park barriers work? These efficient security systems prevent any infrastructure damage, keep passing pedestrians safe, and control the traffic entering the premises by sectioning off certain prohibited areas. There are different types of car park barriers to best suit your business needs, boasting an easy installation process and high levels of protection. 

You may choose to opt for the increasingly popular automatic car park barrier, complete with an access control system for optimum security. When this is in place, you will be able to control who enters and leaves the site, with the added option to see or hear those that wish to pass through the barrier. 

Manual barriers are a low cost alternative, offering long-lasting durability and simple operation through a padlock system. As the day transitions into night, or when the car park isn’t in use, you can lock them in a closed position to prevent any unauthorised vehicles passing through. Their low maintenance cost is another key factor that makes them essential to your car park security checklist. 

Security bollards

Security bollards and parking posts ensure your premise is secure, which, similar to car park barriers, can either be manually or automatically operated. Manual telescopic bollards allow business owners to efficiently manage who enters their site, securing the surrounding area without making the car park look uninviting. You can strategically place these across the premises, with their push-in locking design making them a simple yet effective workplace security solution. 

Automatic bollards are ideal for when your site doesn't have enough room for an industrial gate, restricting vehicle access by smoothly rising out of the ground when needed. For an added security measure, complete these with LED light crowns so that they are visible to drivers at all times.  

Car park management system 

Most business owners have a car park management system to control their revenue stream, but there are certain steps you should take to ensure that they’re performing to the best standard. If visitors are aware that a car park management system isn’t operating properly, it’s likely that they will try to get away without paying. This is why it’s useful to get them regularly serviced, being sure to clearly mark the area with parking signs. When it starts to get dark, you’ll want to make sure that visitors can easily access the system without squinting, so keep your car park well lit. 

Commercial CCTV systems

The naked eye will never be able to keep track of a car park, so although it is useful to employ wardens, setting up a commercial CCTV system is one way to know exactly what’s happening on your premises, at all times. Video surveillance systems are fitted with high definition cameras to pick up anything and everything, using advanced video analytics to provide all the information you could need. They are also a great criminal deterrent, so make sure you put up plenty of signs to let everyone know that they’re on camera! 

Before installing a CCTV system, it’s useful to sketch out a map of your premises; this way, you can gradually tick off your car park security checklist without fear that you may have missed something. Adapting a strategic method allows you to think carefully about CCTV camera placement, considering any light changes that may affect operation and highlighting the high-risk areas that are most likely to host criminal activity.  

Speed bumps

Avoid vehicles speeding around your car park with speed bumps, a common security feature that has been shown to reduce speed by 40%. As long as they’re placed on a level road, and made from materials that won’t cause damage to vehicles passing over them, they will decrease the risk of car collisions and keep pedestrians safe. 

If you’re looking to improve your car park security, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today. We can work around your business criteria, ensuring to provide you with the best possible security solution.