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A complete guide to bollard maintenance

row of black electric bollards

What are bollards?

Bollards are used to protect areas that are either completely pedestrianised, or to restrict vehicle access. Bollards also act as a great security measure for businesses and shop fronts too. We discuss what a bollard is, and what they can be used for, in more detail here. However, in order for them to perform optimally, it’s essential that they are correctly maintained. 

What can damage a bollard?

Although bollards are made from sturdy materials, they can sometimes be damaged or develop wear and tear over time. But what exactly can cause damage to a bollard? Here’s two of the main factors:

Environmental factors

The weather can have a large impact on the condition of a bollard. Going from hot to freezing temperatures can cause cracks over time. Likewise, long periods of heavy rain over the years can result in imperfections, especially where wooden bollards are concerned. That’s why it’s important to check your bollards regularly, especially if there has been an extreme changein weather. Metal bollards are less susceptible to weather damage, but over the years it may create some issues.

Human factors

Bollards are usually found next to roads, or within car parks, and this means it’s not unlikely that one or two will come in contact with a vehicle. Bumps and scratches can occur, and over time this may lead to permanent damage to your bollards. A CCTV system can help to document any accidents around your perimeter and to check the severity of the damage. If any serious damage is caused, it is always best to replace the bollard.

How to inspect bollards for damage

LED black bollard close up

Learning to check your bollards for damage is a great way to improve their overall maintenance. Regularly inspecting them for cracks and breaks means that they can be fixed quicker and no lasting damage will occur. If you have had your bollards for a long time, the exposure to various weather conditions may have caused them to rust or for parts to loosen. With this in mind, make sure to check them frequently. Dirt can also build-up on bollards, so giving them a quick clean every now and then will improve their performance greatly.

How to maintain bollards

Routine checks and regular cleaning are key for prolonging the lifespan of your bollards. However, each type of bollard requires a slightly different form of maintenance. We have broken down how to maintain the various types of bollards below:

Maintaining metal bollards

two metal bollards with LED lights

Probably one of the most durable of its type, the steel bollard requires very little maintenance. Although, we would recommend cleaning them every so often to prevent dirt build-up affecting their performance. However, you should refrain from using any abrasive, solvent cleaning products on your steel bollards as this may damage the paintwork. 

Flaws should be relatively noticeable on the steel exterior. If you spot any deep cracks or breaks in any of your electric, automatic or telescopic bollards, it is important to get in touch with your maintenance team.

Maintaining concrete bollards

single concrete bollard

Concrete bollards require very little maintenance. Due to their sturdy exterior, it takes a lot to damage this type of bollard, but they can still suffer from dirt build-up. Keeping concrete bollards clean is essential to their overall maintenance, and you can do this by hosing them down regularly or washing them with soap and water. 

If there are any serious problems with your concrete bollards, such as a car accident chipping one, then it is best to get it fixed before a deep crack develops.

Maintaining wooden bollards

wooden bollards on a pier

One bollard that is relatively susceptible to damage, is a wooden bollard. As wood is likely to split or splinter over time, these are unlikely to outlast that of a metal bollard. However, they are a cheaper alternative. 

When installing wooden bollards, make sure that they have been treated. This will prevent them drying out due to the loss of natural oils, and splits will become less likely. Treating wooden bollards every six months will ensure that they sustain less damage from environmental factors. However, if they are damaged by a vehicle, they should be replaced straight away. 

Why is bollard maintenance cover important?

Having a maintenance team can come in handy if any damage occurs to your bollards, or if they malfunction. It is also a safety regulation to have any machine operated or automated systems checked biannually. This type of cover can include a lot of helpful maintenance features.

What does our bollard maintenance cover include?

Here at Expert Security we offer a range of bollards, along with maintenance service to keep them in top condition. Our maintenance cover includes a professional service, provided by our repair engineers, to regularly check your bollards. This will reduce the risk of malfunction or damage. These routine checks will be scheduled in advance and afterwards we will provide a range of detailed reports surrounding the visit. If this is something you would be interested in, or if you’d like to learn more about our broader range of security products, contact us today.