7 of the best Christmas present hiding places

7 of the best Christmas present hiding places

Don’t be left flustered come Christmas time. Be more organised with our pick of the best hiding spots for your thoughtful Christmas presents. 

1. The car boot

In a recent survey finding out where parents hide their Christmas presents, taking the top spot was the boot of a car. There’s no surprise there really. If you can find a secured spot outside of the house to store presents, you’re making it difficult for people to stumble across them, especially children. However, just make sure you don’t leave car keys lying around near entry points, not just for children to get a hold of, but for any potential thieves to spot for quick break-ins. Better yet, make sure your driveway is secure and that driveway gates are always locked to add a further layer of protection for your car and Christmas goodies. 

2. Garage

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, these are perfect places to hide Christmas presents. Keep them locked up and out of bounds from children and if you’re hiding from a partner, just make sure they’re hidden well as they might go rooting around looking for something else. Think of an area where you know they don’t go. Wherever you’re putting them, try and get them wrapped first just in case they do get stumbled upon.

3. Attics and cellars

Whichever one you have - or maybe you have both! - presents can be stashed here out of sight. These are ideal hiding places as often these places are only ever used for storage anyway. Not to mention the attic is very hard to get into without a good ladder. 

4. A relative or friend's house

Especially if you’re struggling for storage space, keeping presents tucked away at a friend’s or relative’s house is a great idea. Again, make sure they’re fully wrapped and labelled to avoid any inconveniences or confusion for when the day comes. 

5. Wardrobes and closets

The best way to keep presents hidden in wardrobes is to make sure they’re hidden either right at the back, top or bottom under plenty of clothes. 

For closets, again, make sure they’re positioned discreetly under fabrics or hidden amongst other household items well. Whoever you’re hiding from, make sure they’re unlikely to go into these places.

6. Under the floorboards

An ingenious hiding place is under the floorboards if you can get to it. Who’s going to look there? Just double check that everything is switched off, so that no gadgets or toys are going to activate from a step or pressure. And make sure they fit well underneath. 

7. Under the bed

If you have the space, you can hide presents under duvets, blankets and pillow cases under the bed. Try to hide them in the middle and surround them with all the other common items you put under the bed. You may even have under-the-bed drawers or storage units to place items in, just keep them well cushioned and hidden. 

Hiding tips for Christmas

  • It may be difficult to do at times, but try to have all your presents wrapped before hiding them and make sure you label them so you don’t forget whose is whose
  • Have a look at your family’s calendars and schedule in time to get presents wrapped when they’re away. If you’re not a calendar family, subtly ask what people are up to or plan in time to take presents to another house to wrap
  • Make sure all toys and gadgets are switched off
  • Use your recycling materials like cardboard boxes, shoe boxes and packaging. These are also good for not giving away easy-to-guess items if they’re put in boxes. Either dress them with tissue paper or wrap the presents up inside - wrap the boxes in festive paper
  • When picking hiding places, think about who you’re hiding from and work out how likely or often they go to those places. If you know they’ll be needing something from there, move it somewhere else and let them know

So there’s our round-up of the best places to hide Christmas presents! Wherever you’re planning to hide gifts, just make sure everything is secured and that you’re always vigilant. If you need help with improving your home and driveway security, we’re on hand. Contact us here to see how your property can be further protected.