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6 security mistakes your business could be making

Security is essential for protecting your business from threats, and for improving the wellbeing of employees, customers and visitors. However, it can be difficult to know where to start in finding the right security system. Before you make any changes to your business’ security measures, you should pinpoint errors in your security. Discover six security mistakes that your business could be making.

1) Improper CCTV placement

On top of installing a commercial CCTV system, businesses should be wary of how and where they place these cameras. The placement of your security cameras will depend on what their purpose is. Do you want to deter thieves or troublemakers? Make sure that your cameras are clearly visible, so that criminals will be aware of their presence. If you are using security cameras to gather evidence and catch criminals, then your placement may need to be slightly different. Cameras should be in a position where they can clearly pick up identifying features of perpetrators, and track their movements. If you’re still not sure where to place your cameras, take a look at our business CCTV camera placement guidelines.

2) No access control

An access control system is essential for minimising security risks by keeping track of who enters your business and when. Not only does it keep out unauthorised people, you can see who’s moving about the building and what they’re doing. Access control can be as simple as a gate intercom at entrances, or more advanced systems such as fingerprint recognition. Read our blog post to find out which access control system is right for your business.

3) Not securing your car park

The importance of car park security should not be underestimated – it can hugely improve the safety of your site. Car park barriers help control access to the car park, which can protect pedestrians and vehicles alike. Employees and visitors will feel more secure on the premises knowing that their vehicle is parked in a safe place. Taking caution with car park security can reduce vandalism and theft on your property, giving peace of mind to everyone on site. Your business’ car park is an area you should not forget when it comes to security – read our full car park security checklist for more information.

4) Not maintaining security measures

It’s all good and well to spend time and money setting up your business security measures, but these also require upkeep over time. Failing to maintain your security system can lead to security breaches or stop you from catching thieves and vandals. Security maintenance is often pretty straightforward when you keep on top of it regularly, and don’t leave it for too long. For example, read our blog post detailing CCTV camera maintenance. However, not everyone has the time in their schedule to be able to prioritise security maintenance. In that case, security system maintenance cover is a worthy investment.

5) Weak passwords

Cyber security in the workplace is just as important as physical security. Having secure passwords is essential to prevent big data security risks in the workplace, and is also important for using an access control system. A weak password can completely compromise your workplace security measures, so take care to choose the right ones. Fortunately, we’ve created a blog post that can walk you through how to create a secure password and remember it.

6) Not educating staff about security

Providing staff with effective security training can help to protect your business from cyber attacks and from physical threats. It’s important that staff know how to use your security systems, and that they know what to do in case of an emergency. This will make your staff feel safe, and also means your security protocols will run much smoother. To learn how businesses can introduce and maintain a security culture, our blog post is an informative read.

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