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Terms and Conditions

Expert Security Systems UK LTD aim to match competitor’s prices where possible. If you find a cheaper like for like quotation, please forward us the details and we will compare them to our specification and price match where possible.


All prices are subject to current VAT rates, and are fixed for a maximum of 3 months from order placement.


Our quotation is open for a period of 30 days, however due to the current volatile nature of global steel prices, please confirm the validity of the price quoted prior to placing your order.


Manufacture, delivery and installation is currently 6 weeks from finalisation of details. If special CAD drawings are required, please note delivery times indicated are from formal approval of specification, drawings and equipment. Drawing issue is

typically 1-2 weeks from order acceptance subject to credit approval or proforma payment. Delivery times quoted should be checked at the time an order is placed, as they will depend on the current production schedules.

TERMS OF PAYMENT [Subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale]

Standard terms subject to credit check. An invoice for 50% of the price quoted will be raised for goods in receipt of order, a further invoice for 30% of the price quoted will be raised upon delivery of equipment/ commencement of works on site, and the remaining balance of 20% of the price quoted will be raised upon completion of works.

NOTE – Trade and bank references may be taken up for non-account holders. Alternatively, finance options are available on request. Please contact your sales advisor for more information.

All goods remain the property of Expert Security Systems UK Ltd until paid for in full and we have the right to remove / redeem the goods from site and a further invoice will then be raised for the costs incurred by the removal.


An official purchase order number is required on Company Headed Paper for an account to be opened and the order to be processed. All orders are accepted subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning will be to an agreed programme. In the event installation is delayed for reasons outside our control, goods can be delivered to site for storage. Alternatively, we will provide a certificate of ownership against payment and store at our premises for a maximum of 30 days, following which a storage charge will be made.



It is assumed, that if only a visual inspection was made that the mains and signal cables these conform to the relevant IEE regulations, for installation of new equipment. Additional costs will be agreed with client should the cable prove to be unsuitable. We reserve the right not to install products to unsafe or incorrect cables, unless they are replaced, by the client.


We will deliver equipment and install on to prepared concrete bases, connect cables previously laid by others, test, commission and leave in working order. Our installation price is based on this work being carried out to an agreed programme

without delay. Should delays occur outside our control, we reserve the right to invoice our additional time and expenses.


Inductive vehicle loops are installed under the road surface and operate by detecting the presence of metallic mass over the loop. The standard loop pattern is set out to operate with cars and small commercial vehicles. Expert Security must be notified as soon as possible if any of the following vehicles will be using the system – motorcycles, vehicles towing caravans, trailers, buses, HGV etc., so that alternative loop configurations may be considered. Failure to do so will be entirely at the risk of the client and Expert Security can accept no liability for accidental damage to vehicles or drivers.

For the satisfactory installation of vehicle loops, the following must be considered.

1. The road surface should be constructed of tarmac or concrete, sufficient to prevent movement during vehicle passage.

2. Reinforcement should be at least 125mm below the surface and be free of damage.

3. Slots will be cut up to 50mm in depth for cable installation, with a preference not to span expansion slots.

4. Unless specific arrangements have been made with Expert Security, block paviours must be lifted and re-laid by others.

Please note that during installation delays may occur to vehicle flow through the area, and alternative routing should be arranged where possible.


Any automatic gate/barrier system, whether manned or not, is unsuitable for motorcycles, pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians, etc and it is strongly recommended that alternative routes are provided for the aforementioned.

Expert Security assumes all gates are for vehicle use only and are considered CAT 1 safety under the machinery directive. It is recommended that the equipment is labelled with pedestrian advisory signs. Warning signs should be sited on or around

this automatic equipment warning of the potential dangers,

control, user and vehicle assessment for safety specification


Above assumes no obstructive underground services exist and normal ground conditions. Works carried out during normal hours with free access. Any planning approvals that may be required are by others. “In order to facilitate the ground works associated with the installation, we require detailed drawings for any underground services present in the area. If these drawings are not immediately available, they can be found from the relevant company supplying the service on site. These must include the following: Utilities – electricity, gas, water; Communications – Telephone lines, Internet connections; and

any other connection that may impair works, such as fibre optic cables connections. Additionally, we will require details regarding any underground excavations or voids, drainage, or sewers in the area that will affect our works.

If this information cannot be provided, please request a civils indemnity form to confirm that Expert Security will not be held responsible for any damage sustained.

If instructed Expert Security will conduct a CAT scan of the area prior to commencement of works, however this scan cannot detect certain cables, thus we cannot be held responsible for any damage to services owing to the difficulty in locating small or low voltage cables and other services. ”


All our equipment comes with the first twelve months maintenance included, from the date of commissioning. Equipment failure that requires a callout will be logged on our system and an engineer will attend typically within five working days. However when your first 12 months maintenance has ended there are two levels of maintenance cover available.

Please note during the first 12 months from original installation if any other contractor undertakes works on the equipment or system this may invalidate your maintenance and equipment warranty with Expert..

Levels of cover as follows:

Expert Gold Cover

With Gold cover you pay a once a year fee which means that Expert are your dedicated maintenance / service company and will attend to breakdowns / faults if and when they occur, you will also get 2 preventative maintenance visits within the 12 month period to undertake a routine maintenance / service of the equipment which should help prolong the life span of the equipment.

However all call outs outside these two maintenance visits are chargeable at the our standard rates for labour and travel as detailed in our maintenance terms and conditions (copy available on request) and maybe subject to change without prior notice.

If Gold cover is taken up and our terms and conditions agreed then you can order a call out via telephone call / email or official purchase order.

Please note that calls placed by Gold cover customers have less priority than our Platinum cover customers.

Expert Platinum Cover

This is our ultimate full cover which gives the customer the peace of mind that their equipment is properly looked after and maintained.

This is a single fee payable annually in advance. This covers all emergency call outs to breakdowns / faults and 2 preventative maintenance visits within the 12 month period to undertake a routine maintenance / service of the equipment which should help prolong the life span of the equipment.

You will only ever pay for parts that are required which need replacing, however you will not pay for any labour / travel time to install these parts unless:

Chargeable Exceptions To The Agreement

(i) Damage occurs due to fair wear & tear, accidental damage, damage due to acts of Nature, damage from fire, water, wind, earthquakes, lightning, terrorism, transporting equipment, vandalism or burglary.

(ii) Service and repair made necessary by the alteration or modification of equipment other than that authorized by the seller.

(iii) Service and repair of damage or problems caused by neglect, malicious activity, or misuse including without limitation, use of the system(s) for purpose other than which it was designed, by the customer, its employees or third party contractors.

(iv) Service or repair due to electrical damage caused by electrical wiring at system location or resulting from electrical surges, sags or spikes.

(v) Service and repair made necessary by bugs released by software vendors, e.g adverse effects from installing updates or service packs.

(vi) If the reasonable opinion of seller as supported by its experience, any particular users requests exceed a normal and reasonable frequency, seller may advise the customer that the users requests are excluded until such time as the user has received additional training.

* Please note inductive loops are not covered under warranty or maintenance as Expert Security has no control of the condition of the road surface, which may cause loop deterioration.

It is stated under the supply of machinery (safety) regulations 1992, that the end user of all industrial doors and automated systems shall establish a full documented maintenance agreement regime in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also a requirement of the British Standards (BS 12453) that Bi-annual service of safety systems be carried out by a competent body.

Expert Gold Cover will be automatically generated following the initial 12 months maintenance Please indicate at time of original order or before the 12 months included maintenance has expired if you would prefer to upgrade to Expert Platinum Cover. An Invoice for the maintenance will be raised approximately 30 days prior to your included cover expiring giving you peace of mind that your equipment is always covered.